To maintain your health, your body needs all the vitamins and minerals, but it is sometimes difficult since our busy schedules prevent us from leading a healthy lifestyle. If this may be your case, make sure you do not ignore your health.


This could be a sign of zinc deficiency. You can apply cream to get rid of them, but why don’t you try and solve the root of the problem? Eat more foods containing zinc like almonds, pumpkin seeds, spinach and peanuts. The skin will be healthier and you will have a beautiful complexion.


Sometimes headaches can be caused by a lack of magnesium, and it can easily be remedied by eating bananas or cabbage on a regular basis.

Muscle cramps

This can also be caused by magnesium deficiency. Try taking a bath in hot water with Epsom salt which is rich in magnesium so that your skin can absorb it.

Brittle nails and dry hair

This is a sign of vitamin B7 deficiency. Eat more yeast, cheese and peanuts to make your nails healthy again.

Weak hair

If you notice that too much hair is falling of when you comb it, it is a sign that you have iron deficiency. Eat more green leafy veggies with and red meat.

White blisters

If you have white blisters on your wrists and fingers, it indicates that you have a lack of essential fatty acids. You can make up for this by eating fish oil, seafood, fish and nuts.

The two biggest causes of acne

The two biggest causes of acne are bacteria and hyperactive sweat glands. When the immune system does not function normally, it can cause increased functioning of the sweat glands leading to increased fat under the skin. Thus, the pores clog and the skin can no longer breathe which results in acne.

Flaky skin

If you notice that your skin is often tight, itchy, flaky or rough to the touch, this means that it needs hydration. Try to use a rich moisturizer during the day and a heavier cream at night. Occasionally, you can put nutritious mask for dry skin (once a week).

What hiding behind your fatigue?

Fatigue is an alarm that the brain sends to the body. Fatigue can make you irritable, depressed, unwilling to do anything, which means that stress is a trigger. Forget the morning laziness. Instead, walk run and avoid being sedentary.

Hang out with people with whom you share similar interests, who do not drain your energy but increase it and be in company of those who make you feel good about yourself.

Impaired vision

Poor vision is often the result of many years of unhealthy lifestyle, diet and bad habits. Industrial processed food, too little exercise, constantly sitting on the computer, smoking etc. affect the health of the eyes. Try to change your lifestyle and habits, and the problem can be mitigated.


Do you know that feeling when you feel twice as heavy, or feel discomfort in the stomach? You are probably bloated. Bloating usually can be caused by indigestion, ie. Slow functioning or intolerance to certain foods. Rduce salt intake, fast food, carbonated beverages, pasta, rice.

It is preferable to eat cooked vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish, chicken or turkey meat, eggs, beans in moderation, as well as yogurt and green tea. Avoid consuming raw vegetables, alcohol, coffee and juices.