Your kidneys are important because they help you to maintain a healthy body. They are essential when it comes to different body functions such as producing hormones, clearing waste from our organism, minerals absorbing, producing urine; regulating water fluids and filtering blood in your body.

We present you some of their most important functions:

Waste excretion: your organism meets different toxins during the day and our body does not want to absorb them. That is why our kidneys eliminate few of them and filter excess salts, toxins and urea. Urea is a nitrogen based waste which is created by the cell metabolism.

Balancing water level – our kidneys are essential for urine production and that is why they react to our water intake. If you do not drink enough water, your kidneys will react and instead removing the water from your body they will conserve it.

Regulation of blood pressure – in order to filter blood our kidneys need continuous pressure. If the pressure is too low your kidneys will increase the pressure by producing angiotensin (a protein that constricts blood vessels) that will give a signal to the body to conserve water and sodium. Restriction and constriction will restore normal levels of blood pressure.

Regulation of red blood cells – when the kidneys do not receive oxygen they will send signals to the organism to produce even more red blood cells also known as cells that carry oxygen.

Regulation of acid – your kidneys will help you to regulate the pH in your blood. When our body is too acidic the kidneys will help us to neutralize the acid.

They remove many toxins from our body and they are responsible for different body functions. That is why they are prone to different problems and diseases. Many signs can discover whether you have kidney disease or not. Some of them are puffiness in your eyes, high blood pressure, constant protein or blood in the urine, puffed feet and hands, kidney stones, painful urination etc. This means that you need to take care of your kidneys.

Food that can help you to clean your kidneys from toxins:

It is very important to eat more vegetables, fruits and to drink more water. Remember – drinking water is crucial.
Water – it is very important to be properly hydrated. Drink as much as water as you can and you will improve your kidneys function. Drink approximately 1.9 l. of water daily and do not drink too much as well.

Some other important tips are:

– Alcohol, smoking and caffeine won’t help you to remove the toxins from your organism.

– Blood pressure – It is very important to maintain good cholesterol and sugar level and to have a normal blood pressure. They help you to maintain a normal blood pressure and that is why if you control your blood pressure you will lower the stress that kidneys have.

– Salt – high blood pressure and salt come together. Increased level of sodium can increase your blood pressure. This will make your kidneys to work too much in order to regulate the blood pressure.

– It is also very important to exercise and maintain proper weight, because it will help your blood to flow properly thorough your body.

Best food for healthy and strong kidneys

Watermelon – it consists of 92% water and it is one of the best fruits to eat. Eating watermelon will help your organism to flush out any toxins and this will cause production of more urine. This will help you to remove waste from your body. Watermelon is also full of potassium that can dissolve kidney stones.

Cranberries – they can make your urine more acidic and they can stop bacteria from sticking to your bladder. This will stop possible urine infections. They will also help you to clean your kidneys from calcium oxalate – the main reasons for kidney stones. Substitute them with beets if you are not a huge fan of cranberries.

Grapes – they are full of potassium which can encourage regulation of alkaline blood and your kidneys will function properly. They will also help you to flush out any toxins such as uric acid.

Apples – they can improve the work of kidneys because they contain a lot of fiber, antioxidants and many anti-inflammatory properties. We are sure that you’ve heard… “One apple a day, will keep the doctor away”.

Lemons – they can increase the levels of citrate in the urine and prevent kidney stones. A good option is to add a little bit of fresh lemon juice in your water. First of all it will keep you hydrated and it has a lovely taste as well.

Herbs that can help you to clean your kidneys

Ginger and turmeric are the most used herbs when it comes to kidney cleansing. Turmeric has many antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, while ginger root has antioxidants that will eliminate toxins and cleanse the blood.

We present you other herbs that are not so famous.

Dandelion – people think of it as weed with no certain purpose. However dandelion has different health benefits. The root of dandelion is a natural diuretic and it can help you with waste elimination. The dandelion leaves can strengthen your kidneys, reduce water retention and urination. One very famous tea that will keep your kidneys to be healthy is tea from dandelion root.

Parsley – this herb will help you to eliminate many toxins from your kidneys. It is a natural diuretic and it can reduce the toxins in your urinary tract and your kidneys as well. It can treat infections of the urinary tract and kidney stones. This is a delicious herb as well so you can add fresh parsley in many dishes.

Marshmallow root – it has many benefits, because it is a herb that can soothe the tissues in the urinary tract. This root is a gentle natural diuretic as well.

Gravel root – people use the name Joe Pye weed. It was used by the Native Americas because it promotes urinary and kidney health. It is very effective because it contains euparin – a solvent that has a powerful activity against different harmful organisms.

Nettle – it contains a lot of iron and it has many diuretic properties. It promotes circulation of water throughout the bladder and kidneys. People mostly make nettle tea.

Celery root – the seeds and the root of this herb are used like a natural diuretic for a long period of time. Diuretics can help us to increase urine output which will help us to eliminate toxins from our body. Celery root contains sodium and potassium. That is why people think of it as a tonic for stimulation.

Yarrow – it is similar to turmeric with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Its inflammatory properties will destroy the inflamed tissues in your urinary tract and your body will eliminate excess water effectively. The antiseptic properties will fight against bacteria which are responsible for infections of the urinary tract.

Hydrangea root – Native Americans used this herb a lot because it promotes bladder and kidney health. It can smooth the spiky edges of the kidney stones because it acts like a solvent. It also helps your body to use calcium properly which will stop formation of kidneys stones.