Every woman wants to have long and healthy looking hair. However, hair cannot grow instantly.
During the civil war, women were not allowed to participate in the fights. Therefore, they cut off their hair and pretended to be men. Nowadays, women refuse to cut off their hair. Their hair is their symbol of beauty and femininity.

Hair, especially when it is long, is considered as a beauty benefit. It also serves as a mirror of a woman’s identity. When hair growth is considered there are three stages of growth: anagen, catagen and telogen. The length of the hair is determined by special characteristics of each of these stages of growth.

Every person has a different type of hair. Each hair has different cellular construction. It gives the hair of a person unique characteristics. The purpose of our hair is protection and warmth.

According to medical studies, the hair grows by half an inch every month, which means the hair grows by 6 inches every year. This fact is quite interesting.

However, the growth of the hair may be stopped by damage done by rubber bands, clips and clothing. For instance, there is a false myth that the hair will grow longer if you wear it in a tight ponytail. This myth is completely wrong.

Scientific facts explain the benefits of growing long hair. When the hair achieves a full length, it produces essential nutrients such as vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium. These nutrients end up in the spinal fluid. First, they enter the lymphatic fluid and then through 2 ducts at the top part of the brain they reach the spinal fluid. This results with more patience, stamina and physical energy.

Therefore, if you cut your hair frequently, remember that besides length you are depriving your body of some essential nutrients. These nutrients are also essential for your hair to grow back. Luckily, we have some tricks for you.

The tricks in these articles will help you have long and healthy hair again in a simple way. You only need to follow the steps described below. You will be extremely grateful for these easy tips.

1. Choosing a shampoo

You have to use a shampoo and conditioner that don’t contain any chemical products in them. Avoid hair products with these ingredients: SLS, silicone and sulphates.

2. Washing your hair

According to hair stylists and dermatologists, hair is often damaged by frequent washing. Try to wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week.

3. Use cold water

Your hair will no longer be fragile if you wash it with cold instead of with hot water.

4. Brushing and combing

You have to use a proper brush or a comb. Gently brush your tangled hair and never brush or comb your wet hair as this leads to split-ends. Replace your plastic brush with a soft hair bristle.

5. Hair cut

Trimming is needed when split-ends appear. The hair grows faster when there are no split-ends.

6. Healthy nutrients

Your diet plays an essential role when hair growth is considered. Consume more nuts, fish, vegetables and fruits.

7. Water intake

Dehydration impacts your hair and skin in a negative way. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.