We are sure that most of you would like to determine the health of your inner organs by using only a spoon. Well, we will show you how to do that.

You only need 4 things: your mouth, 1 minute of your time, a plastic bag and a spoon. You will quickly check the health of your inner organs and you will not spend any money.

Inner Organs

This method will help you to check your hormones, metabolism, intestines, respiratory system, intestines and your kidneys as well.

How to do this? It is very simple. You just need to scrape your tongue with a spoon. The best way is to start at the end of the tongue, close to the throat and take enough saliva. With the plastic bag wrap the spoon. After 1 minute you should check out the spoon: clean spoon means healthy organs. You should be happy. Just to be sure that everything is fine the last thing you need to do is smell the spoon. If it smells differently than saliva do not panic, continue and read the rest of the article.

Place the spoon under the light:

• Orange color can mean kidney problems, including chronic renal disease
• Purple color of the spoon can mean high cholesterol, bronchitis or poor circulation.
• White color can mean respiratory infection.
• Thick white or yellow color means imbalance in the mouth or thyroid problem.

If the spoon has unpleasant smell it means that your mouth smells bad as well. The solution may be simple and it includes flossing, gargling two times every day and frequent brushing. You should consider that this can be a result of a bigger problem.

• Ammonia smell indicates improper functioning of the kidneys
• Sweet smell indicates diabetes or high sugar level in your blood
• Another smell can indicate lung or gastric problems

We are aware that with this method you cannot completely decide if you have serious problems with your kidneys or thyroid, but you can see if your body needs a professional health care or it is simply distressed.

The natural way for health care is recommended and notable. Traditional Western medicine is used among the people in the Western world. Sometimes it is not beneficial and can lead to other problems while trying to cure the main problem.

If you are not completely sure about this way of curing, remember that Western science is trying to support the use of tongue analysis which can determine the entire body health. Chinese people use this method to discover health problems during a period of 5.000 years and we may find it beneficial as well.

This method is very simple, inexpensive and you should not have any problems to do it. Remember that this test cannot replace the diagnosis or opinion of a professional health person. If you notice something very different remember to visit your physician and plan your next step. A lot of health problems can be treated with natural foods, proper diet, rest, movement of the body and proper hydration.