The whole body, and particularly the intestines, has a great impact from the dietary habits we have as well as the quality of the food we eat.

Toxins from the food we eat can accumulate in our tissues and cause numerous severe health issues, like weake immune system, diarrhea, poor energy, constipation, and problems with your bowel movement.

All these problems can be solved or prevented by regular treatments for colon cleansing, which also speed up the weight loss and improves the general health. Nutritionists advise doing a detox before starting any program for losing weight.

Today we will show you a recipe that has just 2 ingredients that will cleans your colon and improve the health. You just need flaxseed and kefir, which is a powerful combination that should be used in smaller quantities, and efficiently detoxifies the organism.

Gradually increase the quantity of the mixture, because fermented food can have a great impact on the digestion. Kefir contains certain beneficial grains and milk and is rich in amino acids, minerals, B-vitamins as well as proteins, which are important for the health of your intestines.

This mixture will detoxify your intestines and destroy the bacteria E. coli, and will regulate the proper balance of the good bacteria, as a result of the powerful probiotic structures of the healthy yeast and a number of strains of useful bacteria. This way, it will boost the immune system and support proper digestion.

Flaxseed contains a great amount of one specific type of omega-3 acids called alpha-linoleic acids, which have the ability to remove waste. Soak the flaxseed in water and then drink the water to clean the colon. Furthermore, grind the flaxseed using a coffee grinder to help the digestive system easily digest the flaxseed.

Consume the mixture about three times a week for about 15 days, to restore the optimal capacity of your immune system.

How to make it:

In 1/3 glass of kefir, add one tablespoon of ground flaxseed, and drink the mixture two times a day, once in the morning, before breakfast and at night before bed.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water in the course of this treatment, at least eight glasses a day.

After fifteen days, make a two-day break, and then repeat the method.

You will notice results and feel the benefits in a few days!