Today we offer a recipe for natural remedy that dissolves kidney and ovarian cysts. This remedy has helped so many people to strengthen their immunity after treatment of more serious conditions.

This is a recipe for green juice from spelte leaves and sprouts. Firstly, we will say something about the grain and then we will give you the recipe.

Spelte comes from Asia, and since its discovery, it was spread to throughout Europe. For centuries people used it, but then its use ceased and was used only as food for racehorses.

But now, spelte is widely consumed, among other reasons because people who are allergic to wheat are usually not allergic to this grain. Keep in mind that this grain also contains gluten, although in smaller quantities than other grains, so it’s recommended to those who are allergic to gluten.

Spelte also has nutty and pleasant flavor. Its thick membrane protects it from toxic substances, insects and pesticides. Metaphorically speaking, the membrane demonstrates its ability to strengthen our immune system.

But let’s return to the recipe that dissolves kidney and ovarian cysts. The reason for the efficiency of this remedy is the healing substances contained in spelte.

First, chlorophyll provides oxygen in the blood and prevents cancer cell multiplication. Doctor Otto Warburg, who discovered the effects of these substances on tumors, won the Nobel Prize for this discovery in 1931.

The miraculous spelte juice contains over 300 enzymes, even rare ones, which exist in the human body only after birth. In time, under the influence of toxins, stress and diet only a small quantity stays in the liver.

But, by taking this drink, they are again recreated and strengthen the body. This grain contains vitamin B17 which can destroy cancer cells. It should also be noted that this juice offers the best effects only if it is taken frozen or fresh.
For best results, freeze it right after you strain it and add 1 spelte ice cube in water every morning before breakfast.

The effect of this juice will be lost within one hour after it melts down.

If you regularly drink this juice, you will feel better in a month no matter what you are suffering from.

The ovarian and kidney cysts will melt with the help of this juice.


Take young and green leaves, grind them and squeeze them to make a juice. Put the juice in ice cube molds and freeze them. You need 72 cubes, and you will need one of them for every day.

Every morning, put one cube in a glass of water and drink it after it melts. The grain contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and many other necessary nutrients.

The juice is also good for other vital organs. In order to prepare the recipe wait until the grain reaches a height of around 15cm.