Lemons are fruits that are extremely beneficial for your beauty and health. You probably don’t know that lemons can also give you an energy benefit.
Lemon Cuts

Most of us probably know about the negative effects of negative energy such as dull environment in the house and negative impact on our prosperity, relationships and health. However, we often deny the influence of negative energy as something irrational that does not exist.

In fact, the brain considers some natural remedies and treatments as logics-challenging and cannot understand them. Here we present you with something that can help you feel more energized. Lemons neutralize bad or negative energy and restores positive energy that brings peace and harmony in life.

Some people even believe that lemons can influence the economic state in a positive way.

The way lemons are used to improve your energy is pretty simple. You need to place the lemons in your home where you spend most time and enjoy the pleasant aroma of the fruit. That aroma will help you to eliminate all negative energy in your life. To eliminate the negative energy use green lemons.

Here are the ways to enjoy positive energy given by green lemons:

• Place a few lemons around your house. Replace the old lemons with new ones when they become black or yellow.
• Boil the peel of green lemons in rainwater and use the vapors. You can place it in something small and carry it with you. This will protect you from the negative waves around you all the time. You will feel safe and at peace as the lemons absorb the bad energy from you.
• On a bed of rice, above the refrigerator keep a clay or ceramic bowl or a basket with nine green lemons. These nine lemons can also bring you wealth if you place eight lemons around one lemon in the center.
• Lemons in your purse will protect you from people who are envious to you.
• Mix lemon juice and spray water. Sprinkle the mixture around the house. This will convert bad energy in your home into positive energy.
• If you lack love, place lemons on the nightstand. When the lemons change color take some new ones.

Cut a lemon in 4 pieces. Place the plate with lemons near or under the bed on the floor. In the morning, collect the lemons without touching them, put them in a bag and through them away from the house. Do this for 3 days and your mood will improve.

Another way to absorb negative energy is to carry a lemon with you throughout the day. At night, the lemon will be dry. Throw the lemon away and repeat this tomorrow.