Who doesn’t want to have long and healthy hair? But, hair doesn’t grow overnight.

During the civil war, women weren’t allowed to be soldiers, so tousands of women soldiers cut their hair short to look like men in order to participate in the battles. But now, most women like to have long hair and wouldn’t cut it short for anything.

Hair has a key role in enhancing beauty, particularly long hair. It’s like mirror reflecting your identity. The hair growth cycle has three different and concurrent phases – telogen, anagen and catagen phases. Every phase has specific characteristics. We all have different hair type with our own peculiar cellular construction with specific characteristics, serving for spcific purposes like protection and warmness.

Medical experts say that human hair grows with an average speed of half an inch in a month, so, 16 inches would take you an average of 32 months. Some people can’t grow their hair longer than a specific point since it becomes too damaged from rubber bands, clips and usage of hair straighteners. If you thought that tight ponytail will result with longer hair, don’t follow this myth – this won’t help you.

When the hair reaches the mature full length, it produces essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus. They all enter the lymphatic fluids and slowly go to the spinal fluid through the 2 ducts located on the top of the brain. These changes affect our patience, physical energy and stamina. So if you often visit the hair salon, you will not only lose the long hair but you will also lose the power it gives you. In other words, you will miss all nutrients required to regrow hair.

But with these simple tricks below, you can easily grow back your long hair. You should just follow these steps.

1. Choose an appropriate shampoo

If you want longer hair, you need to use chemical-free shampoos and conditioners. Avoid products that contain chemicals like SLS, sulphates and silicone on the ingredient list.

2. Properly wash your hair

You don’t have to wash the hair regularly. Hair stylists and dermatologists claim that over washing can damage your hair. It’s enough to wash the hair 2 or 3 times a week.

3. Wash the hair with cold water

This is considered better than rinsing your hair with hot water. This way you will avoid making your hair fragile.

4. Proper brush and comb

Choosing the proper comb suitable for your hair type is important since it has a significant role in keeping your hair healthy. To brush tangled hair, choose fine comb in order to avoid breaking the hair. Don’t overbrush it and don’t comb your hair when it’s still wet – this can weaken it and cause split ends. Opt for soft hair bristles rather than hard and plastic brushes.

5. Trim your hair

You should trim your hair occasionally. This is necessary to remove the split ends. With no split ends, your hair is free to grow much faster.

6. Healthy diet

Healthy diet has a great impact on your hair growth. Diet influences the nutrients you consume and these nutrients help to build new and healthy hair. You should eat foods like fish, fruits, nuts and vegetables for healthy hair growth.

7. Consume plenty of water

Drinking smaller amounts of water can cause dehydration. This has a damaging effect your skin and hair. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.