For many people taking care of the nails is a big problem! You need to clip and trim them, and don’t forget the cuticles! The appearance of your nails can often tell you about your health more than you think. The change may indicate a disease or may decrease the immune system.

Here are 10 things you can read from your nails, that you shouldn’t ignore:

1. Color change

Color changes on the nails may indicate infection, vitamin deficiency in the body or in a certain organ. If the nails are yellowish, it could indicate the nail fungus. Brown nails refer to diseases of the thyroid gland.

2. Brittle nails

This may be a sign of future onset of rash around the mouth or on the skin. If the nails are brittle, it can be associated with too frequent use of nail polish, whose chemicals have an adverse effect on the nail plate.

3. Thickened nails

This can also indicate fungus. However, it could also be arthritis (joint disease) or lung problems. Extreme caution is required with thick nails that grow slowly. This means that your body is struggling with a disease for a long time.

4. Spoon-shaped nails

With this type of nail, the lower part goes inside, while the peaks are sharply moving outward. This can be a nail inflammation, but it is also an indicator of weak red blood cells and anemia.

5. Dents or holes in the nails

Finally, a phenomenon that does not imply that something is wrong. It may be a result of a blow or a genetic predisposition and has nothing to do with the current state of your health.

6. “Grooves” on the nail

This is caused by disturbance occurred during cell division, nail infection or finger injury. This phenomenon often occurs when your hands and nails are exposed to extreme temperatures.

7. Curved nails

Nail clubbing can be completely harmless – but sometimes not so! It may indicate a lack of oxygen in the blood. Problems with liver and lungs should not be excluded as an option.

8. White lines on the nails

Lines generally appear on the index finger, ring finger and middle finger, and have meaning: Too little protein in the blood. This situation can be caused by poor diet or stress.

9. Black lines on the nails

You should be really cautious with this! Black lines may be a sign of certain cancers. This type of cancer usually affects only part of the nail, changing the colors and stripes on the nail surface. It would certainly be wise to see a doctor!

10. Red and brown lines under your nails

Simply put, injured blood vessels caused by great pressure. However, lines can also be caused by some inflammation and swelling.

We hope that there is nothing to see on your nails, i.e. you will always be in excellent health!