Every women dreams to lose weight and to maintain her body weight. However, we all know that if you do not have a healthy lifestyle or a proper diet and physical activities this won’t happen.

You should also know that each and every person has this wish – we all want to eat cakes, candies and enjoy food without gaining those extra pounds and the belly.

If you want to achieve this you have to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. Another thing you should do is drink this amazing drink on a daily basis in order to boost the metabolism and at the same time to speed up the process of weight loss. It is super healthy drink made of 2 ingredients that will help you to lose weight efficiently!

We will present you one efficient and powerful drink for burning fat. It is homemade drink that is going to help you to lose up to 5 kg in only seven days.

It is simple and easy to prepare and we are sure that you already have the 2 ingredients in your home. The two ingredients are cinnamon and honey. They are natural and healthy and when combined they are a combination that will burn fat.

You should follow these simple instructions.

You will need:

• 2 tsp. Of honey
• 1 tsp. Cinnamon

Method of preparation:

Like we mentioned before, it is simple and easy to do. In 250 ml. of boiled water add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.

Afterwards wait for 10 minutes. Once the mixture has cooled down add your 2 teaspoons of honey. Remember that you have to wait and add the honey in cool mixture; otherwise its effects will be reduced.

You should drink the mixture in the morning once you wake up and before you eat anything. If you want you can drink it before dinner or in the middle of the day. The results will come after seven days.