Have you ever woken up and felt like doing nothing? Your body is tired and stiff and you just want to lay down. Most people consume coffee to give them enough energy to start their day, but this is not the healthiest thing you could do for your body.

In the morning the body has the greatest acidic point, which, in fact is normal. While high acidity in the body is not good, the body goes through different processes when you sleep that release acids in the system. This is why you feel groggy, and consuming more acid (in coffee) is not the smartest idea.

Healthy Morning Shots

Instead of beginning the day with cup of coffee, alkaline your organism! These healthy shots are quick and simple, and they will wake your body up. They’ll naturally energize you and prepare for you for the day.

Green Smoothie Shots

You can prepare a bigger batch of these shots and keep them refrigerated. Although it’s very important to drink alkaline beverages in the morning to balance the pH, you don’t need to consume them in large dosages, so these healthy shots are the perfect choice.


• Two cups of spinach
• Frozen blueberries
• A slice of ginger

Optional: stevia for sweetness

Mix all ingredients together and add some water. This green smoothie contains ten grams of protein, vitamin B and C, and a great amount of potassium. Increase the healthy factor by adding spirulina- a great superfood algae known as natural multivitamin.

Metabolism Booster Shots

Although you might not think that the following ingredients will decrease the acidity in your body, they are in fact some of the best ingredients to alkaline your organism.


• 1 ounce of lemon juice
• 1 ounce apple cider vinegar
• A little cayenne pepper

Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice will bring your blood to a more alkaline pH level exactly what you need. The pinch of cayenne pepper will also help you boost the metabolism which can help in losing weight and wake you up. If you can’t drink this combination in the morning, just add water.

Digestion Booster Shots

Energizing your body in the morning means that you need to make sure your digestive system is awake. This is a great beverage to wake it up.


• A little ground ginger
• 1 ounce of lemon juice
• 1 ounce apple cider

These ingredients can really boost the digestive system. Problems with the digestive system can prevent the rest of your body from functioning smoothly and make you feel tired during the day. If this combination is too strong for you, feel free to mix some water.

Make sure to keep the bodies as alkaline as you can to maintain your health and staying disease-free. Also it’s important to consume all nutrients your body needs first thing in the morning. These healthy shots are a quick and easy way to kick start the day. Enjoy!