Have you heard about the flat stomach overnight diet? It is becoming more and more popular among women who do not have time for a strict diet or exercise. It seems that finally we have an efficient weight loss formula, that truly works overnight while you sleep.

This is thanks to the well-known fitness trainer Andrew Raposo. He was using this method for a long time and he did not expect that so many people would use it now.

Lost Pounds

Everything changed when his sister lost the extra weight with using his method. She had weight issues for years. She tried so many diets and exercises, but nothing worked.

Like many women, she thought that diet and physical activity are the only way to lose the extra pounds. And this is true for many people. But once you reach a certain age, it’s harder to get in shape. In the case of Andrew’s sister, this had a negative impact on her health, so she felt constantly tired and suffered from insomnia.

She couldn’t lose fat in certain parts of the body, no matter what she tried. The belly fat was among the most problematic regions. Everyone who had this problem knows how difficult and challenging this can be. Due to the belly fat she developed diabetes type 2. That is just one of the risks that come from belly fat along with risks of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Women older than 40 have more difficulties to lose the belly fat, because of their hormonal changes. Age-related hormonal changes make women more likely to gain weight because they slow down their metabolism. Even more desperate to lose the extra fat, women start dieting without known the effects that such diet plans have on them. We often hear that if we regularly exercise, consume a lot of veggies and fruit and reduce the calorie intake, we will easily lose weight in a healthy way.

But regardless of this, we often suffer from some negative effects from such programs. That’s because the authors are unable to present us the complex facts and offer appropriate instructions about the programs they recommend.

Consume More Vegetables and Fruits

If we keep in mind that fruit is often with toxic chemicals and pesticides, they can do us more harm than good. Many people don’t know that fruits can have an impact on the ability to lose the extra pounds.

Eating more vegetables and fruit can increase the cortisone and leptin levels and reduce the hormones that burn fat. Thus, you have decreased chances of burning the belly fat.

As you age, once you reduce the calorie intake, your body will lose the sources of energy and will slows down your metabolism. This will makes it harder to eliminate your belly fat.

HIIT training will probably increase your risk of increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Flat Stomach Overnight is different than the other weight loss plans because it includes guidelines on how to decrease such negative effects.

Andrew’s sister had a stroke and type 2 diabetes.So, Andrew told her to try his method, but with few changes and modifications in accordance with her needs.

Andrew as very surprised to find that his sister lost eight pounds in just 24 hours! Since she isn’t an athlete, Andrew thought that the modifications he made will bring good results. Amy had three minutes of exercise a day, some diet modifications and started using herbs and spices.

She consumed food that can speed up the metabolism and short exercises that stimulated the calorie burning process. The herbs helped her reduce the free radicals and toxins.

After a short time, she normalized her blood pressure and sugar levels. These amazing results inspired Andrew to share his diet plan with other people hoping that it would help them too.