Several states in the United States of America have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes or recreational use.

Since then, raw marijuana has been used for making juices and these juices have an amazing effect on the body. The preparation is really simple. You only need to blend or juice some raw cannabis.

If you juice marijuana, you cannot get high from it. This happens because THC needs heat to become psychoactive. Here are the astonishing health benefits of ingesting raw marijuana.

1. Prevention

Cannabis is an excellent medicine for preventing many diseases. Some medical experts refer to marijuana as the most powerful herb since it improves bone health and brain function, it supports the immune system and it is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Cancer patients are also advised to consume medical cannabis since it stops the growth and development of the cancer cells. Cannabis has also many others health benefits.

Smoking marijuana gives you only 1% of the cannabis benefits. Juicing it is much more effective since you can consume it in larger amounts.

2. Cannabis qualities

Cannabis prevents the oxidation of molecules because it is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are usually found in vegetables and fruits.

Cancer and other health problems are actually caused by the oxidation of cells and molecules. The antioxidants in cannabis are excellent against the free radicals.

The amounts of antioxidants in the body are smaller than the amounts of free radicals, and therefore our body needs them from any possible source.

3. Improving the metabolism

High doses of cannabis give you more antioxidants and improve the function of your metabolism.

Smoking, heating, marijuana gives you only 10 milligrams of this ingredient. If you don’t heat it, you get 600 milligrams. Therefore, ingesting marijuana will boost the metabolism, help you with the weight loss process and any other health problem.

4. Improves nerve cells communication

Cannabis juice will also restore and improve the communication with the nerve cells. If there is communication with the nerve cells in only one way, inflammation occurs.

The cannabinoids found in marijuana, prevent the disruption of this communication with the nerve cells. They are also able to reduce the already existing inflammation. This is the amazing power of the cannabinoids in marijuana.