The usual morning routines are washing up, making the bed and having a nice cup of coffee. We learn this morning routines at an early age and they remain as our morning habits. However, we must be aware of dust, what it is actually and how it can harm our health seriously. Dust can be found everywhere, even in our sheets, pillows and beds.

Dust Mites

These tiny bugs are microscopic and they feed on our sweat and dead skin cells. These foods allow them to multiply excessively. They can multiply 20 times every day. According to scientific research, there are 1.5 million dust mites only in our beds.

These dust mites, as well as their excrement, is the biggest inducer of health problems among people. The excrement of the dust mites is a protein that can drastically raise our antibodies if it gets in touch with the skin or if it is inhaled. The bad thing is that when the antibodies are raised, the body releases histamine. Histamine levels are what causes redness and all the allergies.

The common symptoms of high histamine levels are difficulty breathing, runny nose, sneezing, itching, coughs, hay fever, watery and red eyes. When getting in touch with these dust mites, some people may even develop itching and red skin bumps. In order to protect your health, learn how to get rid of the dust mites around you.

The removal of the dust mites is really simple

You only need to remember all of the advice you were given as a child and forget them.

You should not make the bed immediately after you wake up

The dust mites in the bed get exposed to sunlight and fresh air if you don’t make the bed in the morning. This dehydrates, exhausts and destroys the dust mites in your bed. If you make your bed in the morning, you vacuum and trap your sweat, dead skin cells, stale air, heat and warmth, which is a perfect condition for the dust mites to multiply.

Instead, get up in the morning, do the usual morning routines, such as washing up and having breakfast. Then, continue with your daily chores. Make up your bed in the afternoon or even in the evening. In this way, your room will be filled with fresher air and there will be less dust mites in the bed.

You should also wash the linens for the bed regularly. Do this once per week or once per 2 weeks. So, don’t be mad at the dust mites. It is your fault that you trap them in warmth and heat.