Ask most people to name a grape-based beverage that helps them through their day, and they’re more likely to name a favorite bottle of cabernet than a delicious, healthy smoothie.

Surprise! Grapes may be the first ingredient in this energy-packed smoothie recipe, but they aren’t the only unique ingredient by a long shot. In addition to providing hydration and a beautiful hue to this nutritious alternative to coffee, their natural sweetness is the perfect way to sidestep sugary additives like honey, or worse, actual granular sugar. This means the finished product is tasty – an important consideration that so many easy smoothie recipes lose sight of in their quest for nutrition.

Go Ahead, Hit the Fruit Bowl

Grapes are a wonderful fruit, but they can easily get lonely when it comes to taste. That tried-and-true smoothie ingredient, the banana, makes a wonderful companion. Add a diced scoop of sweet ripe pears to the mix and you have a juicy trifecta of mouth-watering produce that will shake things up – literally! An added benefit of using water-rich fruits like grapes and pears is that this recipe doesn’t require milk or yogurt – both potentially problematic for dairy-free dieters. Even the addition of non-dairy nut milks can also jack up the calorie count – not exactly a good thing when you’re aiming for healthy energy.

Drink Your Greens

Did you know that a half cup of broccoli has only 16 calories, but also contains nearly three quarters of your recommended daily value of vitamin C? This recipe sets you up for success – and fighting off the nasty colds and viruses you might come into contact with as you check off your to-do list – by including all of that broccoli goodness in an easy-to-drink energy smoothie. Many smoothie-lovers that have trouble remembering to include vegetables in their daily meals swear by blending – it’s a quick fix for an on-the-go lifestyle in need of energy.