Most people have high blood pressure on a daily basis that happens because of sleep deficiency, stress, alcohol intake, obesity, smoking, etc.

For example, stress causes strain of the muscles, which causes blood vessels constriction and increased blood pressure. That is why; we have to relax all these muscles and to normalize our blood pressure.

Lu Hens is a doctor for the Spartak football club in Moscow, Russia and he discovered one natural remedy which comes from the ancient Chinese medicine which can reduce high blood pressure in 5 minutes.

He says that, the most important thing is blood flow to the tissues and muscles. If there is blood stagnation, it can lead to a disease. And that is why by massaging certain body parts, you can heal certain health problems and you will reduce some issues.

You just have to massage these 2 points:


It is a point which extends from behind your earlobe into the middle of the clavicle. You should pamper it gently using the fingertips. Do the procedure 10 times on both sides.


It is a point which begins from the ear and it extends to the nose. It needs to be massaged for 1 minute with the fingertips, on each side of the face. You should press enough, however not too much.

It is a method that is going to normalize and reduce the blood pressure in just 5 minutes.