You can easily cause an inflammation of the nail matrix by biting your nails. You can also spread bacteria on your teeth.


Nail biting is an ugly habit that is difficult to stop. These are the five reasons why you must stop biting your nails.

It damages the teeth

Due to the biting of your nails your teeth are overworked. When you bite your nails, your teeth are not in the right position and they become weak and cracked.

It harms your health

It is well known that our hands are full of bacteria and we often forget to wash them. When we bite our nails, the bacteria go straight into our bodies. This is even worse for women, as they use nail polish.

It damages the nail matrix

When you bite your nails, you can easily cause an inflammation of the nail matrix. Bacteria are also transferred on the teeth.

Warts may appear

Warts are especially common among children and adolescents. They can easily be transferred on the face and the mouth.

You will spend money

To treat the consequences of this habit, you will spend a lot of money on dentists or manicure sooner or later.