One of the most crucial organs in the entire body is the kidneys!

The main purpose and function of the kidneys is to eliminate the excess fluid and to get rid of different products from your body. Our kidneys are organs which are located in the upper abdominal area against all back muscles on the right and left side of your body. It is very important to pay attention to different kidney problems and it is also important to treat them in modern medicine.

The latest research says that, almost 20,000,000 Americans are facing with different problems or diseases. The most important way is to treat certain kind of kidney disease or a problem is to discover the actual reason. The most common reason for kidney problems is diabetes and high blood pressure. Additionally, it can come like a consequence of certain genetic disorder.

These are the most common symptoms of all kidney diseases and you should not ignore them

1. Back pain

The first thing is that you have to know that back pain and kidney pain could be hard to distinguish, however kidney pain is mostly higher and deeper in the back which is located under the ribs and at the same time the muscle pain with usual back injury can happen lower in the back. The reasons for kidney pain can be the infections of urinary tract and kidney stones. Certainly, there are different reasons for kidney pain, such as blunt trauma, penetrating and which can result in a “lacerated kidney.”

2. Urination Changes

Just like we know, our kidneys produce urine! This means that if the kidneys are failing down– the urine can change as well. How? We present you the most important things you need to know:

– You could get up at night in order to urinate.
– Urine can be bubbly or foamy.
– You could urinate more often than usually or even in greater amounts and have pale urine.
– You could urinate less often, or even in smaller amounts, and have dark-colored urine.
– Your can have blood in the urine.
– You could have difficulties in urinating or feel pressure.

3. Skin Rash/Itching

Kidneys get rid of wastes from your bloodstream. If the kidneys fail, all build-up wastes in the blood could cause serious itching.

4. Swelling

Failing kidneys will not eliminate the extra fluid that is build up in the body and this will cause swelling in the ankles, legs, face, feet and/or hands.

5. Fatigue

If you have healthy kidneys you could have a hormone which is called erythropoietin or EPO, which tells your body how to make red blood cells that carry oxygen. Just when the kidneys fail, they will make less EPO. If you have fewer red blood cells that will carry oxygen, the brain and muscles will tire very quickly. It is anemia, and you can treat it.

We present you 5 simple tips which could help you to keep the kidneys in a very good condition:

– Always be hydrated. It is important to drink a lot of fluids and the kidneys will function properly.
– Eat healthy.
– Look after your blood pressure.
– You should not drink or smoke too much alcohol.
– You have to be slim in order to help the kidneys