It’s pretty frustrating to wake up tired and exhausted and to begin the day without energy. If you are among the people who have this problem, keep reading because we are going to show you a beverage that will help you cleanse the body from all harmful toxins. Your levels of energy will increase and you’ll feel refreshed the whole day!

For centuries, this beverage was used for treating numerous health problems. It’s a mixture of two very powerful ingredients: lemon and olive oil.

• Olive oil

Olive oil was also called the liquid gold and the Greeks and Romans appreciated its value. This oil is rich in fatty acids that can regulate the bad cholesterol. Olive oil is also extremely efficient for eliminating the toxins from your body.

We should all incorporate it in our diets. During the process of extraction, extra virgin oil needs minimal handling and treatment. This way, all nutrients of olive oil are preserved, which make it rich in minerals and vitamins.

• Lemon

Everyone knows the amazing health benefits of lemons which are extremely healthy. It is rich in numerous vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Lemons are high in vitamin C, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin B, carbohydrates and proteins. They also contain flavonoids that have powerful antioxidant properties.

The mixture of these 2 powerful ingredients will help you treat and prevent a number of health problems including:


Mixing olive oil and lemon is an ideal way to create a powerful lubricant for your digestive mucus. The beverage can boost the function of the liver and gallbladder. This efficient remedy acts as a strong antioxidant, gets rid of the toxins, and also improves the digestion.

Cardiovascular issue

The rich content of fatty acids in the olive oil is very useful for the body because they can eliminate the excessive bad cholesterol and boost circulation.

Rheumatic issues

This incredible beverage has strong anti-inflammatory properties. By consuming it regularly, it can help you treat joint pain. Be sure to consume it on an empty stomach, before breakfast.

Balancing the bile of the gallbladder and liver

You can prevent the growth of gallstones by drinking this beverage every morning. Mix olive oil, water and lemon and drink it one hour before breakfast to flush out and detox your liver, gallbladder and kidneys. Try this beverage and the results will amaze you!