Even though it has specific aroma and characteristic taste, onion efficiently treats numerous diseases, and supports the overall health. This vegetable has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can effectively treat conditions such as chronic vomiting.

Onions are rich in antioxidants like quercetin, that promotes health and destroys free radicals. Onions are rich in sulfur that has powerful antibiotic and antiseptic action.

Onions have numerous health benefits, such as:

• regulate the high levels of cholesterol
• the content of flavonoids and sulfur helps in diabetes patients
• treat arthritis
• prevent cardiovascular diseases

Onions have been often used as a natural remedy, even in ancient times, for various health issues, as a result of its miraculous properties.

1. Cough

Peel one bigger onion, and then cut it in halves. Then, add one tablespoon of brown sugar on these halves and let them stay like that for one hour. You should take this remedy two times a day to treat your cough.

2. Vomiting

Make peppermint tea and let it cool down. Then, squeeze the juice from one onion using a cheesecloth, and take 2 teaspoons from it. After five minutes, take 2 teaspoons of the peppermint tea, and wait ten minutes before you repeat this treatment. Repeat until your symptoms disappear, and in just 20 minutes your urges to vomit will be entirely gone.

3. Fever

Combine thin onion slices and coconut oil. Use the mixture to massage your feet. Also you should apply a couple of onion slices on the arches of your feet, secure them by putting on socks, and let them act overnight.

4. Dissolve your chest congestion

Mix onion and coconut oil to make a paste. Then, apply it on your chest, secure it using a towel and shirt in order to make it warm, and then wash it down.

5. Ear pain and ear infections

Put slices of onion in one sock and put it on your painful area. Secure it using a har or bandage, and remove it only after your pain is entirely gone.

6. Cuts

The transparent skin of the onion has powerful antiseptic properties that prevent skin damage, so apply it on your cuts to immediately stop your bleeding.

Colic – This remedy was used by the Cherokee to treat children that were suffering from colic. Boil slices of yellow onion,let them cool down and then drain this mixture. Give your child one teaspoon every hour until you notice improvement.

7. Air purifier

Onion can help you destroy all bacteria and viruses in the air and clear it, so distribute onion slices around your home.

These are some other ways to efficiently use onions:
• Massage slices of onion on the skin to prevent freckles
• Rub slices of onion on the scalp to accelerate hair growth
• Massage an onion on your skin to prevent the insects from biting you
• In order to keep the moths away, put onions in your clothes
• To protect the plants from pests and bugss, boil and spray some onion juice
• Use onion slices to polish and clean copper and glass objects
• Clean your iron with onion slices to prevent the formation of rust

WHO recommends using onions in cases of coughs, flu, colds, bronchitis, infections as well as congestion.