Most people ignore the health and beauty of their feet although they are among the most important parts of the body. Their condition and hygiene are really important and can be an indicator of the personal hygiene.

The excuse that people many people give for not treating their feet is that pedicure is an expensive and time consuming treatment.

But this isn’t a justified excuse since foot care doesn’t always have to include expensive cosmetic treatments.

Pedicure is important because it will provide the basic care for your feet and a number of benefits for your general health, particularly during winter.

You can have a pedicure treatment for the feet at home, without having to spend money.

There are numerous homemade and natural methods that can provide treatment for scaly, tired, flaky and dry feet.

In addition, the advantage of such treatments is that you don’t need to visit a beauty center and you probably have all ingredients in your kitchen.

Mix these ingredients to give your feet the tender and loving care they deserve.

You will need:

• Three cups of milk
• Three teaspoons baking soda

You may have expected more ingredients for this treatment than these but this is all you need. You probably have them on the kitchen shelf waiting for you to combine them in an amazing foot treatment.


• The first thing you should do is warm the milk.
• Put the milk into a basin, add baking soda and stir the combination well.
• Soak the feet in this mixture and let them stay like that for about ten minutes.
• Then, rinse them with lukewarm water and dry them out with a clean towel.
• Apply foot cream in the end.

Do this treatment regularly and your feet will become smooth, healthy and soft.