You can get the same health benefits from turmeric as from exercising. Turmeric can benefit the cardiovascular system.

Even though the medical experts are not interested in the effects of turmeric, many studies prove that turmeric is extremely effective in the prevention of heart disease.

Turmeric reduces the chance of a heart attack after a bypass surgery by half. Moreover, the polyphenol in turmeric called curcumin improves the vascular function as aerobic exercises.

A study was carried out on 32 women in post menopause. They were divided in three groups: women who consumed curcumin, women who exercised and those who have not done any kind of treatment.

The researchers assessed the elasticity, function and health of the vessels with an ultrasound. They assessed the lining or endothelium of the blood vessels since if the function of the endothelium is affected the chances of atherosclerosis increase.

The women in the curcumin group received 150 milligrams of turmeric extract daily. They also had not made any changes in their lifestyle or diet.

In the exercise group, the women did aerobic exercises 3 times per week, and were also involved in walking and cycling. The intensity of the exercises progressed with time.

The study was over after 8 weeks. The result showed that both exercising and consuming turmeric increases the flow-mediated dilation. So, the researchers concluded that both of these methods are effective in improving the health and the function of the blood vessels.

Further information about turmeric and exercising

This study will certainly motivate a lot of people to add turmeric into their diet or to take curcumin supplements. Turmeric or curcumin is in fact effective against 600 health conditions. However, exercises should be never completely replaced with curcumin supplement or turmeric consumption.

Exercising is essential for protection against many diseases. The best choice for any person is to consume turmeric and exercise regularly. This will certainly bring a lot of health benefits. Even the study does not advise against doing exercises, while consuming curcumin supplements or turmeric.

In fact, there is a study which explored the effect of both curcumin and exercise in improving the tolerance of stress by the heart muscle in postmenopausal women. The results showed that exercises in combination with curcumin reduce the left ventricular afterload.

Left ventricular afterload causes hypertrophy of that part of the heart, aortic valve diseases and high blood pressure. This study confirms that combing curcumin or turmeric and exercising is very beneficial.

You can reduce inflammation and pain from exercising with consuming turmeric as well. So, combine these two methods and enjoy the benefits.

Source: Hearty Soul