Garlic is known among holistic practitioners and doctors worldwide as an extraordinary healthy plant that can provide a great number of amazing health benefits.

The diseases that can be destroyed by garlic are numerous, and include:

• Helicobacter Pylori
• Yeast infection (Candida)
• Thrush (A fungal growth in the oral cavity)
• Aflatoxicosis associated with mycotoxin
• MRSA – Methicillin- Staphylococcus Aureus resistant to methicillin
• Klebsiella infection
• Vibrio infections
• HIV-1 infection
• Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Clostridium infection resistant to multiple drugs
• Cytomegalovirus Infections
• Herpes Simplex 1 & 2, Parainfluenza type 3
• Streptococcus Infection – Group 3
• Pseudomonas Aerigonosima

These are innumerable health issues that garlic can improve because of its strong properties for fighting infections.

This incredible vegetable was used to cure and treat cancer for centuries.

Hippocrates himself even advised consuming great amounts of crushed garlic as a cancer treatment.

If you want to try healing your cancer with this remarkable vegetable as a great anti-fungal, you need to consume at least 6 cloves of garlic a day (crushed). One pod of garlic contains around 12 cloves.

Furthermore, keep in mind that you need to let the garlic cloves sit for a minimum of fifteen minutes after you crush them. This is the time required to release the enzyme called allinase that creates these anti-cancer and anti-fungal compounds.

You can also eat cooked and raw garlic in sandwiches and other meals, however, according to some studies, garlic supplements don’t have the same anti-fungal and anti-cancer compounds.

Garlic is also present the research literature: MEDLINE – a biomedical database by the National Medicine Library has 4245 studies on garlic.

As the data show, garlic is very important for treating or prevention of more than 150 health issues, ranging from diabetes to cancer, plaque accumulation, infection, mercury poisoning to DNA damage.

Moreover, in the study published on, it was discovered that garlic is valuable for 167 health issues but the largest number of research indicate the role of garlic in the treatment and prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer, the two main causes of death in countries with high income.

Cheap, time-tested, delicious and safe, such natural remedies like garlic are ‘life saving’, and because of that, in the past many of them were worth gold.

Now, even though we know its extraordinary power and are becoming more convinced in this, it seems that our doctors always prescribe medications for the treatment of such health problems.

But, you are responsible for your health. You need to learn how to use nature to stay healthy.

Check out this video on the amazing health benefits of garlic: