Even though we know that they are not good for our health, many people don’t know all the negative effects of fizzy drinks on the health. Here are some negative effects on the organism which are scientifically proven.
Poison Destroys Your Bones
1. In the first 10 minutes

One glass of fizzy drink contains 10 spoons of sugar. This equals the entire allowed amount of sugar daily. Inside the body, phosphorus is created, which gives the taste of the drink.

2. After 20 minutes

The levels of insulin and glucose increase which results in converting of sugars into fats in the liver.

3. After 40 minutes

In 40 minutes, all the caffeine contained in the drink gets absorbed into the body. Blood flow increases and the liver produces more sugar in the blood. Your brain starts to block the receptors of the adenosine hormone, a hormone which prevent the feeling of weariness.

4. After 45 minutes

The dopamine secretion increases, which significantly improves your mood. The effect is similar to the effect of heroin.

5. After 50 minutes

Magnesium, phosphoric acid, calcium and zinc cause food digestion. This is caused by the presence of the artificial sweeteners and sugar which enable the excretion of calcium.

6. After 60 minutes

The caffeine starts to act and all the minerals like magnesium, calcium and zinc intrude the bones and then they are excreted through the urine.

7. More than 1 hour later

The distribution of the sugar through the body is almost over. You are feeling full of energy, but also you are experiencing frequent mood swings.

Together with the fizzy drinks, all the water and nutritional substances needed for a proper function of the body are excreted. At the end, the risks of developing diabetes are increased.