A lot of people know that gas and bloating can be very uncomfortable. Different behaviors can cause bloating and gas.

A lot of people experience that being bloated can cause huge discomfort. There are three reasons which can raise the chances of being bloating, reflux and gas. If you practice these things, the bloating will be reduced and the abdominal discomfort as well.

Undigested Food

Food which is not properly digested can easily be the reason for intestinal gas. Food can be undigested for a lot of reasons. If you have lactose or gluten intolerance, foods that contain dairy and gluten products can be hard to digest and they can cause gas.

If there are no proper bacteria in your stomach, the stomach won’t be able to digest food properly. This type of condition can be caused because the carbohydrates, medications and antibiotics are poorly absorbed. In some cases all these substances that are poorly absorbed may cause constipation that will cause bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort.

Foods which cause bloating a gas

Certain foods are infamous or famous, that they can cause gas and bloating. They can also cause a acid reflux, that happens when the stomach acid goes up through the esophagus and it leads to heartburn.

Fatty foods usually cause buildup of gasses in the intestines and intestinal gas. They are hard for digestion and if they stay in the intestinal system for a longer period of time, they can cause an uncomfortable sensation of being full and bloated. If you eat fried food or different food which are full of fat you can being bloated and have gas.

Foods which contain a lot of fiber can ne the reason for intestinal distress. There are a lot of foods which can cause gas, reflux and bloating:

– Fruit
– Vegetables
– Onions
– Tomatoes
– Whole grains
– Dairy products

Behaviors which cause gas, bloating and reflux

It is a surprising fact that if you inhale while smoking you can get air into your digestive system and this can cause bloating and gas. Additionally, sucking on candy or chewing gum can cause getting excess air into the stomach and it can cause gas. Drinking carbonated drinks can also add air in your stomach.

Do not eat certain food, drinks or you can even change certain daily habits which make your bloating and gas. If all these symptoms become worse you should consult with a doctor. Reflux, gas and bloating are a sign of additional serious intestinal problems.