There is no better plant than ginger, isn’t there? Namely, ginger is considered the most beneficial type of food in the whole world.

Why it is like that? Here is the answer. Ginger is rich in nutrients and it has got a great number of healthy benefits. Probably, you haven’t heard that ginger had been used in the natural medicine since prehistoric times.

It is true, and you also have to know that people from all over the world have been using this type of plant for treating a lot of diseases – most probably as a result of its healing benefits.

Even though it has been used in the natural medicine for years, it has also been used by the modern medicine, since it has also learnt about its healthy benefits and effects. As we said previously, ginger is full with nutrients and it has also got anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-cancer properties.

As the experts claim ginger is full with healthy nutrients. For example, paradols, gingerols and shagaols which all represent anti-cancer compounds. To add, recently, a study has been published in ‘The Journal of Food and Chemical Technology’ which has found out that these three types of compounds have got anti-cancer effects.

And, a lot of other studies have also found out about the amazing effects of ginger, especially in treating cancer calls in the prostate as well as colorectal cancer and ovarian. Also, numerous experts from all over the world think that the healing properties of cancer are much better than chemotherapy.


Recently, a study has been published in ‘The British Journal of Nutrients’ which has found out that the extract of ginger, known as zingiber officinale Roscoe, can prevent the development of cancer cells of the prostate in the human body, when people take daily 100 mg per kg of their body weight.

Namely, the medical experts claim that the extract of ginger reduces the chances of the development of the prostate cancer by 56 % of the cases. According to the researchers, consuming 100g ginger per day is going to have the same results in and adult bogy with a weight of 70 kg.

They have also discovered that ginger has no effects on the other cancer cells, like the bone cells or the stomach cells. As we said previously, a lot of experts from all over the world think that ginger can be a more beneficial treatment of prostate cancer than the chemotherapy, mainly because the process of chemotherapy destroys all the cells in the human body.

A leading researcher in this field said that it was a fist attempt to describe the identification as well as the assessment of in vivo and in vitro anti-cancer properties of the extract of ginger – GE, in the treatment of prostate cancer cells.


We are going to ask you a question. What does angiogenesis mean? Namely, this is what you should know. Angiogenesis mainly gives detailed information about the onset of a cancer. Angiogenesis, when discovered at an early phase, can be effectively prevented.

Recently, a study has been published by the BMC Alternative and Complementary Medicine which has found out that the growth of a cancer can be prevented by the ingredients of the ginger root that contains anti-angiogenic effects.

The study has also found out that ginger is significant for the treatment and prevention of the ovarian cancer. In a trial, this was presented before American Cancer Association; some experts from the Michigan University proved that ginger effectively treats ovarian cancer cells.

To add, the ovarian cancer cells do not become resistant to the ginger as to the chemotherapy. Therefore, is has been proven that ginger may be more effective for treating ovarian cancer cells than chemotherapy, since it has got positive effects, it is not toxic and id does not create resistance.


Before two years, at a conference of Cancer Prevention Research a group of researchers proved that the compounds of ginger prevent the development of colorectal cancer cells. And namely, it has not been the only study that has proved the beneficial anti-cancer effects of the ginger. Recently, a study has been published in the Journal of

Nutrition, which has found out that ginger does not only prevent the development of colorectal cancer, but also the root of the ginger can destroy the presence of the colorectal cancer cells in the human body. So, ginger namely is the best therapeutic solution for people who suffer from colorectal cancer.

To sum up, the most significant thing about ginger is that its treatment of the cancer cells is more natural and less destructive. At the same time, ginger only destroys the cancer cells, and omits the healthy ones. And what is more important is that ginger is not toxic at all.

However, the bad news is that the extract of ginger is eligible anti-cancer treatment yet, since the researches in the future have to be done on humans only. To add, most of the published recent researches have been performed either on mice or in vitro. As we have shown you, ginger is healthy as a result of all the healing properties that it contains.

This is the main reason why you should immediately include ginger in your food supply and consume it daily.

However, you have to be careful not to take great amounts of ginger. Namely, the recommend and allowed daily intake of ginger is 4 g a day, except for a pregnant woman, who should have an intake of 1 g a day.