The biggest rice producer worldwide is China, with over 200 tons of rice a year, but this rice is extremely dangerous as a result of the plastic content, as Korean Times reported.

The report suggests that Chinese rice companies are selling fake plastic and potato starch rice, steamed with rice aroma. Then, the rice is combined with organic rice in order to trick customers.

This incited a further investigation with the aim to find out if these claims are really true, and sadly, the findings will shock you!

Chinese rice contained plastic that can fill up a small plastic bag. Still, there are differences between these two types that can help you spot the fake one, like:

First test: Water

Pour one tablespoon of your rice in a glass of water. If the rice you intended to consume falls on the bottom of the glass, it’s organic.

Second test: Fire

Light a couple of rice kernels, and if they don’t burn, it means they are organic. If they burn, this indicates that your rice is fake.

Third test: Pestle and Mortar

Crush a few grains of rice, and if they are organic they will turn into a white powder, but if you see yellow stains, it means the rice is fake.

Fourth test: Mold

Cook rice in water and then transfer it in a plastic container. Let it stay in a sunny area for a couple of days, and if you see mold, it’s organic.

These are easy tests a but they will truly help you protect your own health and discover the origin of the rice you wanted to consume.