Learn how to make one powerful and amazing homemade remedy that will help you to reduce the cholesterol level and burn fat as well. It is a homemade recipe and it is amazing.

It is also recommended by medical experts for people who have high cholesterol. It is easy and simple to make. One of the best things is that you can make it with ingredients that are pretty available. It is full of healthy nutrients.

Reduce Cholesterol

They will help you to reduce the high cholesterol levels; your body will be able to eliminate many diseases and you will burn fat. You just have to read the simple instructions and directions.

You will need:

• Baking soda
• 2 bunches of parsley
• 3 lemons
• 2l of filtered water


First of all use the baking soda to get rid of the impurities and the pesticides in the lemon peel and slice the lemon. Afterwards boil the filtered water. When the water is cool enough add the parsley and the lemon slices. Cover the bowl and place it in the fridge. You can drink the mixture the next day. The allowed amount is 100 ml. daily. The results are amazing. The cholesterol levels will reduce and you will burn fat.

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