The liver processes the food that enters our body. It also eliminates toxins, fats and other dangerous substances that can enter into the body.

Remove The Fat

The liver is a very important organ in the body due to these functions. The processed foods and the dangerous substances that are eliminated from the body by the liver may be quite harmful to this organ.

If the function of the liver is improper, the other organs in the body may also be harmed. Therefore, every person must take care of his liver and cleanse it from harmful substances. The liver’s function may be improved by frequent detoxification of the body.

The following recipe will cleanse the liver and the entire body in a completely natural way.

Recipe for cleansing the liver

Needed ingredients:

• 250 grams pears
• 125 grams cabbage
• 1 lemon
• Ginger
• 10 grams mint
• 25 grams celery
• 500 milliliters water


Chop the ginger, pears, celery and cabbage. Put them in a blender and add 1 glass of water. Blend them well. Add the remaining ingredients, the remaining water, the lemon juice and the mint, and blend once more. Serve the beverage.


Drink this liver cleansing remedy in the morning and at night. This beverage will detoxify your body and improve the function of your liver.