In 1974, the Medical School of Virginia was funded by the National Health Institutes, with the purpose to find evidence that cannabis suppresses the immune system as well as destroys brain cells. Actually, the research was prompted by the DEA during the administration of Nixon as a tool against marijuana smokers, and a way to provide adequate ground for their penalization.

But, regardless of the purpose, researchers actually discovered some interesting facts associated with cannabis. Their studies discovered that the only destroyed cells were the cancer cells, and actually, the immune system was strengthened. These findings ended the studies.

As the DEA commanded, the research was called off, and the documents were destroyed. Furthermore, in 1976, Gerald Ford cancelled all studies regarding cannabis oil, except for one conducted by Big Pharma, aimed at producing synthetic THC.

There was an almost complete destruction of the documents associated with the cannabis ability to treat cancer.
Moreover, Virginia medical school attempted to obtain research grants for more studies about the healing power of cannabis in 1996 as well as 2006, but they were rejected. The media didn’t pay enough attention to the research, apart from the short article in the Washington Post.

So, the documents regarding the research were nearly completely unreachable. In 2000, scientists from a huge Spanish study of cannabis effects on cancer were not able to find them.

Manual Guzman, a researcher participating in this study stated: “I know about that research. Actually, I have tried many times to get the article about the original research, but it was impossible.”

This happened when one investigative journalist managed to find copies of the documentation and faxed it, but the research was already completed.

Still, the media disregarded the findings of this ground-breaking study conducted on rats. It proved the efficiency of cannabis oil for reducing the brain cancer in rats. Moreover, the research tested healthy mice with THC, and found that it didn’t have dangerous effects on the healthy brain tissues.

You probably remember the whole Golgotha of Rick Simpson in his attempt to show that cannabis oil cures numerous cancers? He received objective media coverage in Canada, when he was attempting to demonstrate the potential of cannabis oil to treat cancer.

Namely, he tried to communicate his experience, and the testimonies of patients about the healing powers of cannabis.

He even attempted to obtain an approval to utilize it as a cancer treatment, but he learnt the lesson: Obviously, the cancer industry didn’t want to use the cancer treatment.

After treating his skin cancer, and his neurological postconcussion disorder caused by an injury, he helped many people in his town. Namely, Rick grew the hemp on his lands, produced the cannabis oil, and handed it to patients without asking for compensation. He helped many people treat their health probems even in situation when the traditional medicine failed.

Then he moved to Amsterdam, and now he is traveling the world, spreading the word about this cancer cure.

Independent Studies and Testimonies Regarding Cannabis Oil and Cancer

Many of you probably know something on the subject and the various testimonies about cancer treatments using cannabis oil. Although the media intentionally hides it, you can browse the internet and find independent studies along with new data.

According to various studies and research, experts discovered that cannabis is effective as well as safe. It was discovered that cannabis oil promotes apoptosis on cancer cells, which is a programmed death of the cells – part of the normal cell reduction and replacement with new cells.

Still, cancer cells simply grow and don’t do apoptosis. Cannabinoids also restrict angiogenesis, used by tumors to promote the development of blood vessels that supply them with glucose.

Thus, the findings suggested that cannabis promotes apoptosis destroys cancerous cells and inhibits the angiogenesis to stop their food supply. Furthermore, as numerous studies found, cannabis oil doesn’t harm the healthy cells, unlike the traditional procedures.

It is conceivable that cancer patients don’t die directly by the disease, but by the treatments they undergo. Still, this is not revealed in public and the Medical Mafia is successfully hiding it.

Cannabis treatments – warning

Before you opt for alternative cancer treatment, don’t forget that you need to include new habits in your lifestyle so you can get the desired results. Furthermore, have in mind that the best treatment is to ingest cannabis pastes or oils. You can also use “vaping”, and smoking is the least efficient method.

Now check out this video about baby that was cured from brain cancer in 8 months, without being subjected to radiation, chemo or surgery. The video contains all brain scans and documentation. The baby consumed cannabis oil from the pacifier, and in a few months, the oncologist cancelled all treatments, and called him “a miracle baby”.

Again, the media somehow ignored the story, and it was only published in the Huffington Post.

Even now, the situation is still not very different from then, the media ignores the studies and findings regarding this subject. At the moment, the Israeli government funds two clinical studies on cannabis as a treatment for various diseases in two hospitals in Israel.