Garlic is one of the healthiest food in the world! This miraculous food can treat various diseases, and because of its powerful medicinal properties, it’s used everywhere.

It was traditionally used to lower the levels of cholesterol, control low and high blood pressure, stimulate the blood flow, treat coronary heart diseases and prevent stroke and heart attack.

Consuming garlic controls the LDL cholesterol, prevents production of the hormone angiotensin II and relaxes your blood vessels.

It seems that garlic can treat your body in just 24 hours! Experts claim that consuming six roasted cloves of garlic every day offers impressive effects:

The first hour- Garlic is digested in your stomach, and feeds the body.

2 to 4 hours – It begins destroying cancer cells and prevents damage caused by free radicals.
4 to 6 hours – your metabolism starts to recognize the beneficial properties, and helps eliminate excess fat and fluids in your body.
6 to 7 hours – The antibacterial properties of the garlic begin to operate and kill all bacteria in your system.
6 t0 10 hours –the nutrients from the garlic provide effects on cellular level, so your body isn’t protected from oxidations.
10 to 24 hours – Because of the intake of the miraculous garlic, your body goes through a deep cleansing process, leading to:

• Improved immune function
• Strengthened bones
• Improved and decreased levels of blood pressure
• Improved cell longevity
• Eliminated fatigue
• Decreased levels of cholesterol
• Prevention of cardiovascular issues
• Preventing heavy metals from entering in your body
• Improved athletic performance

Thus, it’s not only wise, but recommended by the experts, to eat this beneficial food every, and therefore to prevent numerous diseases and health problems, and treating the existing ones quickly!