If the continuity of the skin is being interrupted due to surgical treatment, burns or wounds, it results in formation of scars which remain permanently on the skin.

Not all people can accept having scars on their skin. Some of them think that scars are trivial and they ignore their presence, while others consider them as a real aesthetic problem which has to be treated in many different ways in order to make them less visible.

The cosmetic surgery can be really useful, but if you want to remove the scars from your skin naturally then you need to prepare the following remedy:


• ¼ of olive oil
• ¼ cup of cocoa butter
• 1 tablespoon of honey
• 4 drops of natural lavender oil


Put the coconut oil into a cooking pot and heat it until the coconut completely melts. Add the other ingredients and mix them with a wooden spoon. When the mixture becomes homogeneous remove it from the stove top until it cools completely.

After that, store the mixture in an airtight container and keep it in a fridge for 20 minutes. Firstly, you should clean the affected place on your skin before you apply the cream. Do this twice a day, in the mornings and in the evenings for optimal results.

Make sure you apply the cream on the scars every day so that they can easily disappear in short period of time. It is also advisable to hydrate and moisturize your skin both from the outside and inside since it improves the process of healing and the skin elasticity.