Everyone knows that apple cider has numerous of uses inside as well as outside the kitchen. It is amazing because it offers a number of health benefits, such as alleviating frustrating and persistent sinus infection.

Often, sinus infections are caused by a specific type of virus and they can remain although the symptoms are treated. The inflammations of the sinuses lining cause pain, fevers and headaches.

The symptoms can be treated with a number of pharmaceuticals, however, if you opt for a natural treatment like apple cider vinegar, you will alleviate the pain in an effective and safe way. Apple ciderr is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and many other nutrients, and it will efficiently detoxify your body.

But, be sure you use raw, unprocessed and organic apple cider vinegar.

This natural sinus infection remedy will ease the pain and discomfort and speed up the process of healing. This is how to make it:


• A quarter cup of organic apple cider
• Juice from one lemon
• A tablespoon of honey
• A teaspoon of cayenne pepper
• ½ cup of water


Pour the apple cider in the water. Then, add the cayenne pepper and honey, mix well, and finally add the lemon juice.


Drink this amazing beverage every day to treat sinus infections. Its effects will amaze you!