A human spends 1/3 of the life sleeping. Therefore, having healthy body and mind, as well as good mood and health, depends on getting a good night’s sleep.

Several health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, dementia and many others have been linked to too much or too little time spend sleeping. The sleeping positions are also essential for your overall health. They have been linked to heartburn, snoring and even with wrinkles.

Sleeping Positions

So, if you want your day to be productive, read with are the healthiest and best sleeping positions.

• Stomach sleeping

According to experts, this is one of the worst sleeping positions since in most cases results in discomfort and pain in the morning. However, there are some benefits of sleeping on your stomach. This position has been proven effective in cases of sleep apnea and snoring. There are no other benefits of this sleeping position.

This sleeping position usually results in lower back pain since it flattens the natural curve of your spine. The neck may also be negatively affected, since the head is turned to one side during the entire night. If you sleep in this position, start using a pillow to try to teach yourself to sleep on one side gradually.

• Sleeping on your back

In this position the back is not affected negatively since it is straight. So, this position is good both for the spine and the neck, and their health is least affected with these sleeping position. This position is also effective if you are trying to avoid wrinkles on the face. However, this position can cause puffiness under the eyes, so you need to add an extra pillow to avoid this unpleasant problem. The pillow will protect you from fluids that may build up under the eyes during the night.

• Sleeping on your side

According to doctors, women should sleep on their left side during pregnancy to improve blood circulation to the heart. This is beneficial both for the mother and the baby. This position is also excellent during pregnancy since stomach sleeping is not possible and sleeping on the back can lead to fainting since there is pressure on the lower back. People who suffer from acid reflux and heartburn can ease their condition by sleeping on their left side.

According to physical therapists, you should place a pillow that is firm between the knees in any sleeping position. The pillow will provide good alignment between the joints and the hips. It will also allow even distribution of the weight during the night which causes the feeling of discomfort in the morning.

Source: Sport Online Group