The fact is that sooner or later in life we have all tried some kind of a diet plan for losing weight. Some were successful, some not. No one until now has done research on the number of failed and unsuccessful diet l – generally all efforts end up with short-term weight loss, and in a few months the pounds return.

But nature took care and gave us a lot of natural products that make it possible to lose the extra pounds in a healthy way. Chia seeds are originate from Mexico and were widely used by the Aztecs. Chia seeds area an excellent product for losing weight, powerful source of calcium, of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Consuming these seeds will make you look younger, you will become more energetic and feel much healthier and more vital.

Since these seeds absorb a lot of water, right after they get into the stomach, they create a feeling of satiety. Consuming these seeds means quick and effectively weight loss without harm to your health, because they contain all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Your desire for junk food will also disappear.

As you already know, people lose their excess weight when the energy consumption is greater than the calorie intake. Chia seeds have an impact on these two segments simultaneously because they help you eat less, speed up the metabolism and help you burn fat and increase your energy so you can be active throughout the day.

Lemon is also an effective product for losing weight. The secret of lemons lies in the fact that they satiate, eliminate hunger and suppress the appetite. Drinking lemon juice during the day leads to frequent urination, so it’s logical that it helps with the extra pounds. And last – lemons activate the burning of fat. The high content of vitamin C is important for the immune system and its natural intake offers benefits for your body.

So, naturally, combining these two ingredients makes a powerful weight loss shake.


• A tablespoon of chia seeds
• Glass of water
• A spoon of lemon juice
• Honey


Soak the chia seeds in water for at least one hour. Then, remove the seeds from the water and combine them with the remaining ingredients. Place them all in a blender and mix them well. Consume this beverage every morning before breakfast.

It’s really important to prepare the mix right before consumption. You will notice the results in a couple of days. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stop exercising. Make sure to eat healthy and have plenty of physical exercise.