Beverages and foods that contain sugar also contain a lot of calories and therefore they are extremely bad for us! More and more children have dental problems because of unhealthy diet!

Data shows that about 42% of children between 2 and 11 years have damaged primary teeth. This 3-year-old boy’s parents took their child to the dentist and the reason is that the sugar literally ate away his teeth.

However, if you think that soft drinks without sugar are the perfect option, you are wrong!

Nowadays, children consume too much soft drinks and food that are rich in sugar.

As in the case with this child from New Zealand shows: we give them juice regularly and they are at risk, just like this little boy; the dentist nearly pulled 11 teeth. The sugar completely dissolved them!

Unfortunately this is not the only case. Dr. Robert Biglhol said that in recent years there are more and more patients with this problem.

He advices all parents not to give their children juices with sugar in the first years of their life. They should drink only water and milk. It is necessary that the society is more involved.

For example, children on recess at school mostly drink sodas full of sugar or they go to fast food restaurants. This is completely wrong!

Here’s how much sugar your child consumes every day…

Keep this in mind!

Educate your children, because they are not aware how dangerous this problem is.