This modern society and the developed technology have significantly changed the way we live. We are constantly exposed to polluted air, genetically modified products, harmful chemicals and dangerous toxins.

Moreover, sometimes we are not even aware that the products we are using are harmful as the labels on the products don’t reveal this.

Here are some of the products that are probably already present in your house and can cause cancer.

1. Whole milk

The toxic ingredients in these products are not labeled.

• Antibiotics – these remedies contribute to the development of allergies. Some of them can even cause cancer.
• Heptachlor – this neurotoxic, carcinogenic and xenoestrogen element can make the reproductive system toxic.
• Dieldrin – carcinogenic and xenoestrogen;
• Hexachlorobenzene – this element is neurotoxic and carcinogenic and can also cause toxicity of the reproductive system.
• DDT – carcinogenic and xenoestrogen;
• rBGH and IGF – 1 can lead to colon, breast and prostate cancer.

2. Ajax cleanser and other household products

This cleanser contains crystalline silica. Unfortunately, this toxic ingredient is not found on the label. It can cause skin, eye and lung irritation, and even cancer.

3. VO5 hair conditioner

Here are the toxins found in this product:

• RED and FD – they can cause cancer development.
• Fragrance, which can lead to dermatitis.
• Formaldehyde – carcinogenic neurotoxin that can also lead to dermatitis.
• Polysorbate 80 – contains p – dioxane.

4. Zodiac’s flea collar

The toxic ingredient in this product is even labeled. It is propoxur, a carcinogenic and neurotoxic element.

5. Talc powder

Talk is a really harmful ingredient. It can lead to irritation of the lungs and ovarian cancer.

6. Crest toothpaste

The harmful toxic ingredients in these products can be read on the label and they are the following:
Saccharin and DD&C BLUE – carcinogenic ingredients; and Fluoride which can also be carcinogenic.

Cover girl foundation

Here are the labeled toxic ingredients in this product:

• Parabens – lead to dermatitis
• Triethanolamine – in combination with nitrites, causes carcinogenic nitrosamines.
• Talc – which can lead to irritation of the lungs and cancer
• Fragrance – this ingredient is not tested and not mentioned on the label, but it can cause dermatitis.
• Bha – a carcinogenic ingredient
• Lanolin – it contains carcinogenic pesticides and DDT

7. Beef frankfurters

The unlabeled toxins in this product are:

• Carcinogenic and feminizing hormones
• Antibiotics that lead to cancer and allergies.
• Neurotoxic, carcinogenic and teratogenic hexachlorobenzene
• Lindane, which prevents the formation of blood cells as it is neurotoxic and carcinogenic.
• A carcinogenic substance called benzene hexachlorid
• Carcinogenic and xenoestrogen DDT
• Xenoestrongen, neurotoxic and carcinogening heptachlor
• Dachal, a strong sensitizer and carcinogenic irritant. It may contain dioxin.
• Dieldrin is a xenoestrogen and carcinogenic element.

Besides these unlabeled toxic ingredients, nitrites are labeled and they may cause cancer in children.

8. Lysol disinfectant spray

Here are the toxins in this product:

• Ortho-phenyphenol or OPP, a carcinogenic and irritation causing ingredient.

9. Permanent hair color Clairol nice and easy

The labeled toxins are:

• Fragrance – causes dermatitis, myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other types of cancer.
• Propane 1,2 diol, which can lead to dermatitis
• Phenylenediamine, a carcinogenic element which may also be the cause of dermatitis.
• Quartenium 15, carcinogenic neurotoxin, which releases formaldehydes and causes dermatitis.
• Diethanolamine, which creates carcinogenic nitrosamine in contact with nitrite.

10. Ortho weed killer

It contains a carcinogenic neurotoxin, which can cause lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma and other cancer types.

11. Heavy duty cleaner

The carcinogenic ingredient in this product, which is not labeled, is crystalline silica. It can cause eye, ling and skin irritation.

Source: Healthy Food House