A lot of people do this, and it is completely wrong… If you leave a glass of water on the nightstand overnight, don’t drink the water in the morning.

Full Of Toxins

Water, unlike foods, contains no proteins or sugars. Therefore, microbes can easily contaminate it. There is an explanation for the weird taste of the water that was left behind during the entire night.

Namely, as the water was exposed to the air, it absorbed a bit of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide transformed into carbonic acid, which means that water that is exposed to air changes its chemical structure.

When the carbonic acid releases one or two protons and transforms into bicarbonate or carbonate, the pH levels of the water become lower, and therefore the water changes its taste.

Next time you reach after water that was left overnight on your nightstand, remember that it was exposed to bacteria and dust ended into it. This does not mean that the water is spoiled, but as it was left over the night, we will think twice before drinking it.