In a recently conducted study, Doctor Mary Newport found that our body creates ketones while consuming coconut oil. Ketones are crucial for preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

If the findings of the study are true, this would probably be one of the most useful discoveries for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Doctor Newport had a personal history with Alzheimer’s when her husband fell unwell and couldn’t retrieve a bottle of water from the fridge. He lost his short-term memory almost completely, and he was constantly foggy.

He was regularly taking medications, but they didn’t improve his condition. Then she thought that it was something related to the diet. This led her to the greatest discovery ever.

Could coconut oil really prevent or cure Alzheimer’s?

The creation of Ketone/Medium chain triglycerides provides more oxygen to the brain which in turn helps the recovery from acute ischemic attacks and also shrinks tumors.

The cells utilize Ketones as an alternative to glucose.

In instances of extreme starvation or insulin resistance, the body uses Ketone bodies as an energy source. Ketone bodies are then used as a last chance to keep the cells functioning and alive.

So did such therapy actually help the patients?

Doctor Newport claims that 60 days after her husband started this coconut oil therapy for, he was happier and more alert.

He was consuming two spoons of coconut oil two times a day. He had tremors which were almost gone with the therapy, and additionally he was more talkative.

Steve also had improved concentration

He wasn’t confused and easily distracted anymore. The coconut oil therapy was like magic.

Does this seem like a primary form of treatment because of its efficiency?

Doctor Newport claims that after one year of treatment with coconut oil, her husband became a completely different person. He still faces some difficulties when talking but he is more active and he seems happier.

The secret is to keep Ketone bodies constantly circulating in the brain
By taking two spoons two times a day, people would have a constant amount of Ketones circulating in the brain that would maintain the oxygen capacity in the brain enhanced all the time.

The progression of the disease is slowed down or stopped

Steve’s Alzheimer’s has stopped its progression and his health is no longer deteriorating. Actually, he is better every day and the functioning of his brain was improved a lot.

If you want to know the whole story, check out the video!