The second main reason for death among Americans is colon cancer. However, many people who have colon cancer do not experience any symptoms at the first stages of the disease.

Even though colon cancer is the reason for so many deaths every year you should know that you can easily treat it if you discover it earlier.

Coconut oil can destroy 93% Of colon cancer cells in just 2 days

At the moment coconut oil gets the positive needed attention. Many cultures from the entire world use coconut oil for so many years and the reasons are endless.

Coconut oil contains a lot of saturated fats, fatty acids that usually can be found in seeds and fish. Actually coconut oil are amazing source of saturated fats.

In the past it was discovered that coconut oil can reduce the dangerous side effects of chemotherapy and it can boost the life of the cancer patients will be improved.

One study that was published in the journal Cancer Research discovered that that the lauric acid in the coconut oil has amazing anti-cancer properties.

The lauric acid makes approximately 50% of the coconut oil and researchers from the University of Adelaide discovered that it can completely exterminates more than 90% of the colon cancer cells and the results come after just 2 days of treatment in a colon cancer cell line in vitro.

Approximately 50% of the fatty acids that can be found in coconut oil contain lauric acid and it is said that lauric acid can destroy certain harmful pathogens that can enter our body. In the study that was conducted lauric acid actually ‘poisoned’ cancer cells and released huge oxidative stress and decreased the levels of glutathione at the same time.

The experiment was conducted “in vitro” (it was conducted on cells that was located outside of their normal biological system).

Conducting additional research can cost a lot of money — and that is why it is difficult for the researchers to come by with no pharmaceutical company that will back them up.