Cannabis oil was banned in the second half of the 20th century, even though for many years it has healed many people from cancer.

Rick Simpson, self-taught doctor, managed to heal himself from skin cancer using cannabis oil. Now, he is an activist for the legalization of this oil and he cured more than 5,000 people with this alternative remedy.

On a debate on this subject, he claimed that cannabis oil can cure the deadliest forms of cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, arteriosclerosis, asthma, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. He also considers this remedy to be the best remedy available to human kind.

According to the doctors, Rick Simpson could not be cured from cancer with conventional therapies, since he had already had three unsuccessful operations on the skin of his face. The removed pigmented lesions appeared again and they were even more infected. Rick was knowledgeable about herbs, and he remembered that one study stated that THC in cannabis can cure cancer. He applied cannabis oil directly on the wounds on his face, bandaged them and waited for a couple of days.

After four days, his wounds were gone and the damaged skin regenerated. He shared his story with everyone. Eleven years after this, his cancer had not returned.

Since then, Rick has healed thousands of people suffering from cancer. His last patient had lung cancer.

This patient had troubles breathing, had open wounds on the legs and was swollen due to chemotherapy treatments. The doctors gave him only 48 hours to live when he came to Rick Simpson. Rick recommended cannabis oil treatment and the man’s doctors immediately refused the treatment. Yet, the man’s son gave a cracker to his father soaked in cannabis oil.

In half an hour, the man’s breathing became normal. During the night, the breathing was stabilized completely.

The doctors explained this phenomenon with their fact that the vital functions of a dying man return to normal briefly before death. Despite the recommendations of the doctors, the man left the hospital and he was cured from cancer after three months of cannabis oil treatment.

Cannabis oil treatment can be effective and safe even for babies. Rick started growing his own cannabis, but the field was raided by the police several times. People who claim that they can cure cancer can receive a 40-year imprisonment according to laws.

Until know, Jack has received 4 days imprisonment and 2,000 dollars fine. The jury consisted of people whose loved once were cured by Rick, and even the judge believed that Rick should be rewarded for his dead. The jury and the judge could not do anything, and even the cured patients could not testify on Rick’s behalf. Rick was also not allowed to show any legal and medical documents that proved that his treatment is effective and real.

Rick sells only cannabis oil, not weed, and his recipe is available on a web page. The preparation of this oil is very easy according to Rick. The patients should at first take several drops of the oil three times a day.

60 grams of oil should be consumed in 3 months. Every person suffering from cancer can consume the oil. The stage of the cancer does not determine the treatment. According to Rick, cannabis oil is more effective than smoking marijuana. However, science has proven that people who smoke marijuana live longer than people who don’t.

In Europe, the healing powers of marijuana are not ignored as in North America. According to this man, every country should allow people to cultivate and use marijuana for medical purposes. Cannabis should be also available in pharmacies for people who cannot cultivate this miraculous plant.

Cannabis has been used as a healing herb many years before Christ. In ancient Persian religious scripts, cannabis takes the first place among the listed healing remedies.

Rick Simpson’s biggest wish is to live in a world without cancer, so he continues to be an activist for legalization of cannabis for medical purposes.