One of the best ingredients that can be used for cancer treatment is black seed oil, which is also known as Nigella sativa or black cumin seed. Its effect can help in treating different types of cancer.

This herb can be found in the countries which border India and the Mediterranean Sea. The most effective ingredient in this herb is thymoquinone.

The extract and the oil can help and cure many inflammatory problems and can treat different types of cancer such as cervical cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma skin cancer, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. This oil can stop the activity of cancer cells and cancer cell types.

The positive effects of this oil are discovered in many studies which are conducted in the last few decades. It is also discovered that there are only few possible side-effects. The researchers are trying to improve their work and that is why they want to do clinical testing.

In this article we will talk about different studies which can show the benefits of this oil which can help you to treat cancer and many cancer types.

The oil is still not approved by the conventional medicine. There are few problems concerning this issue, because there are political pressures that delay clinical research among patents who have cancer and the drug companies which suppress its use because they would not benefit from it.

The black seeds are used for many years

In 2011, Saudi Arabian and Chinese researchers conducted two studies and tried to examine the science behind the use of this oil and its influence over cancer. They discovered that it is completely effective and safe for using.

They also discovered that people use it in different countries and the ingredient that can be found in this seed, the thymoquinone has many effects over different health conditions including kidney diseases, cancer, asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular complications, cancer etc.

This powerful oil can fight against liver, kidney, breast, prostate, cervix and lung cancer as well.

The researchers discovered that the mechanisms which are important for acting against cancer are not completely understood. This ingredient can improve immunity and it is a powerful antioxidant.

This oil can cause apoptosis and it also promotes a systematic destruction of cells that are no longer necessary, unhealthy or old. Additionally it stops the production of toxins and it also regulates the Akt pathway (process which keeps the cancer and normal cells alive).
This oil is used for a long time, but the research for discovering its curing properties started in the past 2 or 3 decades.

Honey and black seeds

One research in Egypt analyzed the positive effects that the combination of Nigella grains and bee honey had over people who had cancer and oxidative stress.

The research was conducted on rats that were exposed to a powerful carcinogen. They were divided in four groups and they were subjected to the same carcinogen. Some of the rats consumed honey or seeds and the other ones consumed a mix of honey and black seeds. The test lasted six months.

The ones that consumed combination of black seeds and honey were fully protected from cancer formation, oxidative stress and inflammatory responses while the ones that consumed only black seed were 80% protected.

Use of black seed oil in radiation treatments

Another study in Turkey that was conducted in 2014 discovered that black seed oil could help people during their radiation treatment against cancer. The results were severe side effects because of the radiation.

This means that the researches wanted to assess the irradiation effects along with this oil on the antioxidant/oxidant system in the liver tissue of rats that were exposed to radiation. Some of them were exposed to one dose of gamma rays.

One group of the rats consumed black seed oil one hour before and after the radiation treatment during a period of 10 days.

The other group instead of black seed oil received a solution of saline after the radiation treatment. The discoveries show that the oil has powerful antioxidant properties and it can increase the capacity in the liver tissue in the rats and reduce the markers of oxidative stress.

The researchers showed that using this oil before or ten days after the treatment with radiation can prevent the harmful effect of the radiation process.

Another study in India (2012) examined the influence that black seeds had over mice which were subjected to gamma radiation. There were two groups: one normal and one with tumor-bearing mice.

They wanted to imitate the human clinical condition in which the tissues of patients who had cancer are exposed to harmful effects of the radiation therapy.

The mice got 100 milligrams of black seed before the gamma radiation and it was shown that the black seed extract prevented spleen, liver, intestine and brain damage that are caused by the gamma radiation in both cases.

They concluded that the extract could protect the biochemical alternations and stop the harmful effects of radiation. This is possible because it is able to scavenge all the free radicals and it has strong antioxidant properties as well.

This means that it can help patients who have cancer and are exposed to radiation because they will be able to reduce some side effects of that process and be protected from the oxidative stress in regular tissues. Black seed could combat cancer cells in liver and stop the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells.

One study conducted in India (2013) examined the thymoquinone which can be found in the black seeds. They examined two groups of rats that had liver cancer during a period of 4 months. One group got water with 0.01% thymoquinone and the other group used only plain water.

The tumor increased in the rats that received water with thymoquinone. The rats that received 20 milligrams of thymoquinone reduced the tumor and liver injury markers. Additionally these rats reduced the size of their tumors and prevented the appearance of liver cancer nodules.

The conclusion was that the thymoquinone had positive effects during the treatment of liver cancer because it prevented the reproduction of cancer cell.

One study conducted in Egypt (2012) wanted to discover the effects that black seed oil and bee honey had over the cancer cells in the human liver. The experiments were made in laboratories.

They estimated the power of black seed and honey and their capability to destroy unhealthy cells. In the end they discovered that both ingredients have strong powers against the growth of the cancer cells in the liver and they destroyed cancer cells

Black seed destroy lung cancer cells

Scientists from Saudi Arabia in 2014 tried conventional medicine which treated many diseases with black seeds. They have many antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and people used them a lot.

The scientists estimated how black seed influenced cancer and their research was made in laboratories. The lung cancer cells were exposed to the oil for a period of 24 hours. Afterwards they estimated the growth of the cells and it was discovered that black seed oil or extract reduced the growth and acted on the morphology of these cells.

They discovered that larger amounts of black seed oil or extract have a larger influence over their destruction. The information obstructed the development of cancer cell in human lungs.

Black Seed destroy Brain Cancer Cells

A study that was conducted at the Ohio State University (2013) discovered that glioblastoma could survive approximately 15 months and is the most aggressive and common type of malignant brain tumor.

The researchers claimed that they needed more therapies for glioblastoma. They recommended using natural phytonutrients which can destroy cancer.

The thymoquinone which can be found in black seed oil has many anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties and certain cytotoxic benefits for human cells which means that they can destroy only cancer cells.

It prevents the gioblastoma cancer cells to produce their clones and do not affect the activity of the normal cells in the spinal cord and brain.
It also prevents autophagy genes which maintain the cellular energy production and improve the growth of the tumor cells.

It is logical that with prevention of autophagy the cellular energy production is going to be damaged. The final result will be reversion of tumor activity and the organs which are affected by the cancer will survive. This means that thymoquinone can help in cancer therapies because it can stop the cloning of cancer cells and prevent autophagy.

Black Seeds can destroy Breast Cancer

A study in Malaysia (2013) examined the abilities of thymoquinone during a treatment that lasted long time among patients with breast cancer. They were also conducted in laboratories. It was discovered that they can prevent reproduction of breast cancer cells. The amount of used thymoquinone had a huge influence over the inhibition. Bigger dose of thymoquinone meant bigger inhibition was produced.

Black Seeds can kill Leukemia Cells

One study in Malaysia was interested in using natural compounds from anti-cancer medicines. They mostly examined black seeds because they can fight against cancer. It was discovered that the treatments with thymoquinone against leukemia cells can destroy cancer cells, which makes them a possible cure for leukemia.

Black Seed Oil can destroy Colon Cancer Cells

One study conducted in 2007 claimed that 5-fluorouracil – a medicine for chemotherapy is still the most important weapon against colon cancer therapy, but it also has many side effects, including destruction of healthy and unhealthy cells. They conducted this study as a response to some studies which claimed that antioxidants can prevent some diseases such as cancer.

They used epigallocatechin-3-gallate, a catechin which can be found in green tea and thymoquinone from the black seeds.

They tried to estimate the role of continuous production of the catechin from the green tea, along with the thymoquinone from the black seeds and the 5-fluorouracil on the fundamental changes in colon cancer cells in humans.

The conclusion showed important interference and destruction with the cellular metabolic activities while using catechin from green tea and thymoquinone from black seeds. It was proportionate with the use of the medicine 5-fluorouracil.

The alternations in the morphological cells happened after the cell exposure to catechin from green tea and thymoquinone for a period of 24 hours. The results were the same as the exposure to the medicine 5-fluorouracil. This means that these 2 natural agents offer the same benefits, but they do not have negative side-effects.

One study from 2004 showed the wonderful influence that black seed oil has over cancer. The black seed and its oil are used in the Middle East, Asia and Africa in order to prevent and cure the existing diseases.

Black seeds contain a lot of thymoquinone which can prevent cancer. The effects that thymoquinone has over colon cancer cells were investigated and it is proven that it can prevent their growth. We have data which supports the possible using of thymoquinone for treatment of colon cancer.

Helicobacter pylori and black seeds

A study from Saudi Arabia (2010) discovered that the base of many diseases is Helicobacter pylori, mostly for gastric cancer, peptic ulcer disease and chronic gastritis.

The treatment of this Helicobacter pylori infection will also treat related diseases. In time this infection can become resistant to antibiotics and then the black seeds will prove their healing properties.

This study evaluated the effectiveness in the destruction of Helicobacter pylori. 88 patients were separated in four groups and had four combinations of amoxicillin and/or clarithromycin, black seed oil and omeprazole.

Compared to the other drugs the black seeds were most effective.

Connection between thymoquinone and traditional cancer treatments

Some new studies discovered the defensive effect that thymoquinone has over the cardiotoxicity of the doxorubicin (a chemotherapy agent). The thymoquinone will boost the anti-cancer effect that doxorubicin has over the cancer cell lines.

One study in 2013 discovered decreased number of healing agents for cancer and that some affected cells are resistant to them.

This reveals a need for new and different anti-cancer agents. In the treatments against breast cancer the researchers used thymoquinone and it lowered the growth of the cancer cells. The effect was achieved by adding doxorubicin.

Human Clinical Trials

The studies were reviewed by researches in the Wayne State University (Michigan) and they claimed that they need even more studies that can inspect the bio-availability and description of Phase-I in humans.

One researcher believes that the thymoquinone was widely studied in many researches among animals and humans. They are the reason why we have a lot of information and now is the perfect time for clinical experiments.


The 120 researches show that the thymoquinone and black seed oil are very important and it is not strange that they are still examined.

The question is: why medicine does not use these findings? It is proven that black seed oil does not have any side effects and it is very powerful.

People use black seeds since ancient history. In the past conventional medicine used its benefits. They were discovered in Turkey and in Egypt, but they are still treated as unproven medicine. It is a fact that you can eat them, use them to improve the flavor of certain food or add it to tonics and remedies. There is a need of clinical trials which can prove their benefits.

The main reason that they are not widely used in medicine is because the control and pressure from the pharmaceutical companies. Compared to chemotherapy drugs the combination of black seed oil and conventional drug has greater influence and by using them you can achieve better results.

Thymoquinone is effective as chemotherapy medicines and has no side effects.

Patenting is the also an important issue. First of all the pharmaceutical companies want to take over the natural substances and combine them with a drug that is already existing with a patent that is expiring and to produce something new that is going to be patented. This happened with vitamin B9 and the strategy was supported by the FDA.

That is the reason why they prefer to combine thymoquinone with their ineffective medications and improve their effect. Thymoquinone is effective like many chemotherapy drugs. The difference is that thymoquinone does not have any side effects, but they will not profit by using it.

That is the reason why they are not interested in funding any human trials with black seeds or other natural substances. They cannot profit from them and cannot be patented. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies would rather add thymoquinone to their ineffective medications, and boost their effect.
The sad thing is that many people suffer from cancer and they are not aware that they can avoid that by using natural remedies.

Studies show that black seed can stop the damage caused by radiation, if you take it on a regular basis, immediately before and after the treatment. The problem is that these facts are not published and the people who have these treatments are negatively affected.

This wonderful oil can protect you in case of chemotherapy and radiation and can act against cancer. There are no certain information that can tell you how to use it, and there is no effective protocol or a research with the exact dosage. Many studies show that the best way to consume black seed oil is on a daily basis.

Many people say that the best results can be achieved with a combination of one to three teaspoons of black seed oil daily. This combination can help you to get rid of many diseases. You can take one teaspoon daily if you want to improve your health or two or three teaspoon daily if you want to treat a certain disease.

You can mix it with honey or apply it topically. If you want to use them to cure certain diseases you can make your own research and see what works for you.