Many studies have proven that the extract of turmeric, which is known as curcumin is in every way more effective than chemotherapy and it is less toxic.


It also helps in destruction of the colon cancer cells and has strong anti-carcinogenic properties.

The team of Cancer Letter has found out that the turmeric can enhance the effect of chemo therapy in people that suffer from colorectal cancer. You should know that if you use the extract separately you will have greater effect.

Many scientists want to prove that you can find curcumin in turmeric, and that is the most important polyphenol and it is better than chemotherapy. It has no side effects and it is highly effective.

This new breakthrough is very important because it is the first time that anyone has proven the anti-carcinogenic properties. The results are based on a results of chemotherapy made with patients who recovered.

Another important fact is that the scientists have discovered that the turmeric helps in destroying the cancer cells in cases when it is used by itself. If you compare the treatment with oxaliplatin combined with/or only 5-FU the results from using curcumin have better results.

All of the above-mentioned researches need to be examined and if you need to try any of these treatments you will have to consult with your doctor.

Source: Health And Love Page