Sadly, the number of people dealing with depression worldwide is significantly increasing. Depression is usually described as mood disorder associated with bad mood and a wide range of symptoms that can vary in different people.

Depression is widely present and when it is not so severe, people can lead a healthy life, but only with appropriate treatment. But, if depression becomes more severe, it could destroy and even endanger your life. If you are in such situation, then you should try this recipe for turmeric lemonade or get help immediately.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

• Desperation
• Feelings of sadness, anxiety, numbness and sorrow
• Guilty feelings
• Bad temper and restlessness
• Low levels of energy and chronic fatigue
• Lack of sleep or excessive sleep
• Decision-making problems or problems with concentration
• Suicidal thoughts and even suicide attempts.

Although these symptoms and signs of depression sound terrible, there are many natural ways to deal with this issue.

One way is to use turmeric, a miraculous spice with strong healing properties. Apart from depression, turmeric can be used for numerous diseases and ailments.

For example, this spice has the ability to protect us from transformation of healthy to cancerous cells. It can also be helpful in Alzheimer’s patients. Turmeric can also fight against skin cancer and can reduce the levels of bad LDL cholesterol.

A great number of people use turmeric for arthritis, stomach issues, acidity, jaundice, diarrhea and liver issues.

Some Benefits of Turmeric

• It is rich in antioxidants
• It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties
• Turmeric improves cognitive functions
• It can reduce the risk of heart diseases
• It helps eliminate depression.

How Can Turmeric Lemonade Help Us In Case Of Depression?

The pharmaceutical industry produces a number of drugs to fight depression. Among the most popular drug used for fighting depression is Prozac. Even though Prozac can be efficient, it may cause serious side effects like suicidal thoughts, internal bleeding and breathing problems.

Scientists conducted a number of studies focused on turmeric and they confirmed that its active ingredient – curcumin, can have positive impact in cases of severe depressive disorders. It offers the exact same benefits like Prozac, but without the harmful side effects.

Recipe for Turmeric Lemonade


• 2 tbsp of grated or powdered turmeric
• 4 cups of filtered or sparkling water
• Lime or lemon juice (two limes/lemons)
• 4 tbsp of maple syrup, honey or stevia if you don’t want to add sugar
• Red orange juice (optional).


Put all ingredients in a small to medium pitcher and combine them well. Then, serve with a slice of lemon. In just a couple of days you will feel improvement.