Unlike modern medicines, the natural remedies contain no dangerous chemicals. Therefore, they are far better than artificial medicines, even though they need more time to solve the problem.

Most of the ingredients needed to prepare these remedies are available in any household.

Moreover, the preparation is very simple. Here are some amazing natural beauty hacks that every woman will want to know.

1. Remove the wrinkles around the mouth naturally

For this remedy you need 750 milliliters of olive oil, 200 grams beeswax and marigold flowers. Boil all the ingredients for one minute and then leave it to rest through the entire night. In the morning, reheat the remedy, stir the ingredients and store it. Apply the remedy on the wrinkles for two weeks every day.

2. Cucumbers

Remove the bags under your eyes by mixing potatoes and cucumber juice. You can also mix equal portions of cucumber and lemon juice to treat the bags under the eyes. Apply these mixtures on the dark areas and after 15 minutes, wash the remedy.

3. Blackheads

Mix two tablespoon cornflower and two teaspoons of vinegar to forget about blackheads. Rub the remedy for ten seconds and then wash the face with warm water. The blackheads will disappear.

4. Dark underarms

You can feel uncomfortable when wearing sleeveless shirts if your underarms are dark. Luckily, this problem can be solved with natural remedies. Apply a mixture of plain yogurt, one tablespoon of milk and flour on the armpits. Wash it after 15 minutes. You will have positive results very soon.

The discoloration of the underarms is reduced by the lactic acids found in milk and yogurt. You can also treat the discoloration by mixing yogurt, turmeric, flour and lemon juice.

Apply the mix on the underarms and wash it after several minutes. This treatments needs to be done for several weeks. Coconut oil can also reduce the discoloration of the underarms. This oil also nourishes and moisturizes the skin of used regularly.

5. White hair

For this recipe you need to mix chopped garlic, linseed, honey and chopped lemons in a jar. Keep the remedy in a refrigerator. Consume the remedy two times a day before meals. Curry leaves and coconut oil are also effective against white hair. Boil the leaves in coconut water.

Strain the water, leave it to cool down and rub the scalp with it for couple of minutes. Wash your hair afterwards. Treating the scalp with cow milk butter two times a week for several months can also be effective.

6. Cracked heels

Cracked heels during the winter are a common problem for many people. Luckily, several natural remedies can solve this problem. Putting a ripe banana for 15 minutes on your heels will solve the problem. You can also use hot water to soften the skin, and then remove the dead skin cells with pumice stone.

7. Dark neck

Apply lemon juice on your neck with a cotton ball. Wash the neck after 15 minutes with cold water and apply a cream. Don’t expose the skin to sun after the treatment.