These simple and quick exercises are an excellent way to get rid of the stubborn fat on your back. You can learn about these amazingly effective exercises in this article.

We are all aware of the fact that having underarm and back fat can undermine the confidence of many people, especially women. These are common fat problems.

Luckily, the simple exercises presented in this article are effective in solving your fat problem really fast. The best part is that the exercises can be done in the comfort of your home. You don’t need any equipment. You can use a rubber band, but the movement of the hands is also enough. You will be astonished by the results if you do these exercises regularly.

Targeted strength moves and regular cardio workouts are effective as well. Where fat is stored in the body is mostly affected by genetics. If you have upper back fat, you should know that this is not the perfect place to store weight and it is difficult to get rid of it. Every day you work out your chest and not the back by carrying bags or using a tennis racket. Moreover, most people don’t workout the back while performing their usually exercise routines. The best way to get rid of back fat is to do a cardio routine of 30 to 60 minutes as often as possible. Other excellent ways to burn back fat is to box with a large boxing bag or to row. You should also reduce you daily intake of calories by 500.

To do the exercises for burning back fat and underarm flab follow the instructions below.

• Elbow kiss

To perform this exercise first spread your arm at shoulder level. Your palms should face the ceiling. Then fold your arms upward to form a 90 degrees angle. Swing the hands and keep them folded to the front so they close in at the elbow and the forearms should touch at the sides. Finally, get back to the first position. Perform 3 sets and do 10 repetitions.

• Push and touch

In this exercise the arms are lifted above the head. While standing, lift both arms to shoulder height and then above the head. Then return them to the initial position. Repeat 6 times and do 3 sets.

• Crisscross reverse fly

Spread your legs shoulder width, bend your knees and bend your torso. Hold the dumbbells bent at the elbows and raise the hands to shoulder level. Repeat 3 sets, 10 times.

• Bent over circular row

Bend in a 90 degrees angle and move the dumbbell towards the other hand, lift up, move towards the chest and return to the initial position. Repeat 3 sets, 10 times.