In this article we will present you how to use deodorants and anti-perspirants properly and how much to use. These are some of the most important facts that every person should know.

1. You do not apply it right after showering. Deodorants work best when applied to clean skin. First wash away all dirt and then apply it immediately before you start sweating, because in this way you will get a real layer of protection against perspiration.

2. Do not apply it two times in a row. Deodorants should be applied only once, because you will be protected throughout the day. Apply it again, but before doing that clean your skin.

3. Wrong choice. Not all deodorants are made for same skin. For example, if you wear a thick sweater, you will need medically powerful deodorant. If you have sensitive skin, you will need anti-allergic one.

4. Combination of different scents. Most supplies for hygiene contain a lot of fragrance to keep you fresh, but it is important that you match your deodorant with other cosmetic products such as shampoos and perfumes, in order not to mix the scents. Peach and mint cannot go together!

5. You do not apply it at night. Most people apply deodorant only in the morning, but it would be good to do it at night as well, because this way you will achieve the right effect and your pores will be protected.

6. Replacement of deodorant with a shower. Antiperspirants are powerful for our body, but it does not mean that you should not take care of your personal hygiene. There is no one product can replace showering.

7. Too much product. Too much of it can do more harm than good. Applying excessive amount or it can lead to itching and skin irritation due to the accumulation of chemicals.

8. Applying it on the wrong place. Again, deodorant should go on dry and clean skin. In order to have a real effect, it must be in direct contact with the pores. If you apply it in on your dress, you will not achieve anything.

9. Place of application. Your armpits are not the only body part that could benefit from deodorants.

10. Under your breasts. All ladies know how this can be annoying. Apply some deodorant before dressing and prevent this discomfort.

11. Legs. Deodorants make your skin smooth and fresh and perfect when, for example, you wear tight jeans. Apply it a little easier on your legs and you will fit in them much easier.

12. Forehead. It can sweaty and it is very uncomfortable when the drops fall into the eyes. Instead of wearing a headband, try and apply deodorant. Perfect for athletes.

13. Knees. The back side of your knee can get sweaty as well. Apply deodorant on that place too.

14. Heels. They are quite prone to blisters and a new pair of shoes can be tricky. Before putting them on apply some deodorant and you will reduce irritation.

15. Feet. Feet can get sweaty and have an unpleasant odor. Before you put on socks, apply deodorant. You’ll feel better and your shoes and feet will smell more pleasant.

16. Thighs. If you’re running, then you surely have this problem. Thigh rubbing can cause skin irritation and therefore you should apply deodorant.