The corporate Merck & Co. produces the HPV – human papilloma virus vaccine called Gardasil. The shocking news revealed by a recent research is that the company did not examine the effects of vaccine on the female reproductive system.

Due to this terrible and huge mistake, a girl in Australia was left with completely destroyed ovaries.

In this article, we will present the story about the 16-year-old girl who suffered tremendously due to this vaccine.

The ovaries of the girl were entirely destroyed, she entered in early menopause and her life was completely torn apart.

Therefore, parents must be aware of the effects of the vaccine Garadsil and protect their daughters.

This research was done 3 years after the girl from Australia was left with dysfunctional ovaries.

The proof that the vaccine destroyed the girl’s ovaries was given after an examination. The girl’s ovaries were perfectly healthy before the vaccine and there was nothing else that could affect her ovaries besides the vaccine.

According to the authorities in Australia, the Merck did not test the effects of the vaccine on the female reproductive system. The effects of the vaccine on male testes were the only thing that was tested.

While there were results of the histology of epididymidides and rat testes, there was no histology for vaccinated rat ovaries.

Even though the vaccine is mainly intended for women, the company did not check the effects of the vaccine on ovaries and the entire female reproductive system.

According to other studies, the vaccine contains at least two ingredients that are harmful to the female reproductive system.

The vaccine also contains an emulsifying preservative called polysorbate 80. This ingredient is found in many processed food products, but its effect in the vaccine is different.

According to research, this is the principal ingredient that damages the reproductive system.

These additives reduce the function and the weight of the uterus and the ovaries and speed up sexual maturation in women.

When these additives, including polysorbate 80, enter the body, an immune response appears which causes the serious side effects experienced by women vaccinated with Gardasil.