According to new scientific researches it is best to ditch your orthopedic (read) grandma shoes and walk a mile barefoot!
Walk Barefoot

It will be such a stress relief for your tired and weary feet specially for your ankles that carry all of your body weight. Your feet have a plethora of arteries and veins that are in constant pressure from standing, walking and from wearing uncomfortable shoes (like your stilettos, you know its true).

Walking barefoot, will empower your legs and it will help with your posture as well. Also you will no longer experience smelly and sweaty feet Since your feet will catch a little break out in the sun.

When you are barefoot your feet are able to stand freely on the ground allowing your leg muscles to position themselves naturally and that way your back and your neck are supported properly.

Additional advice: before going to bed, take a few minutes to massage your feet.

You will improve your blood circulation also you will alleviate your pressure points and simply you will feel a whole lot better.