Many people usually hung up on the number on the scale and they do not care how they actually look or how they feel. Many people usually go on diets and they hope that they will reach the perfect weight which they had when they got married or graduated high school. However, they end up being disappointed because they cannot achieve that.

We present you few pictures that were published by Kelsey Wells – a fitness blogger. She will remind you that you should return the scale in the storage again.

She is also known as the body and voice of the blog My Sweat Life. She started the blog when she gained weight after her pregnancy. In order to lose weight she began the fitness program Bikini Body Guide (BBG) and 84 weeks later she shared these 3 pictures on her Instagram account which prove the scale is not important. The pictures showed her at her beginning weight (144 pounds), on the second picture you can see her weight after she gave birth (122 pounds) and on the third picture you can see her current weight (140 pounds). Now she has the same weight when she started this program. However, her body looks entirely different.

This is an excerpt from her Instagram post: